On Obama's Job Plan, CNN Anchors Agree: 'Let's Hope It Is Not DOA'

September 1st, 2011 5:25 PM

Next week, President Obama will unveil his jobs plan.  Details haven't been revealed, but that didn't make a difference today on CNN's American Morning.  Anchor Carol Costello announced the day's "talk back" question and anchors Ali Velshi and Christine Romans promptly chimed in:

COSTELLO: So today's talk back question -- doesn't bode very well, does it? The question is President Obama's jobs plan DOA before it is even unveiled? Facebook.com/americanmorning. I will read your comments later this hour.

VELSHI: Let's hope it is not DOA.

ROMANS: I hope not.    

Not knowing the specifics, Velshi and Romans express hope that it isn't dead on arrival.  Suppose it's a repeat of Obama's disastrous stimulus program.  That's a distinct possibility, with insiders such as ABC's George Stephanopoulos reporting Obama "wants the government to invest in clean energy and new construction projects."  Oh, and provide government-sponsored training to the jobless "while allowing them to still collect their unemployment benefits."  Sound vaguely familiar?

It doesn't matter.  Sight unseen, Ali and Christine are already worried about Obama's proposal.  Last year Ali held up a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" on the stimulus's "first birthday."  Maybe he and Romans can host a shower for Obama's new and improved plan next week.   I'll bring the diapers.