Fox Chicago News Anchor: Sanchez Finds a Home at Fox News?

October 6th, 2010 1:31 PM
On Tuesday, Fox Chicago News anchor Bob Sirott suggested that Rick Sanchez might land at the Fox News Channel. In his "One More Thing" commentary, Sirott pointed out that most people had never heard of Sanchez until CNN fired him last week.  Still, Sanchez could bounce back:
Some believe Rick Sanchez's career is is over, but others think it's just beginning, and now that he's a nationally known hot button subject a network that likes controversial personalities will hire him. Can you say FOX News Channel?
No doubt Sirott knows a good deal more than I about the news business in general and Fox News operations in particular.  But I have to wonder if he understands the history between the former CNN anchor and FNC.  Like what Sanchez said on CNN Newsroom on September 18, 2009:
Let me address the FOX News Network now perhaps the most current way that I can, by quoting somebody who recently used a very pithy phrase, two words. It's all I need: You lie.

NewsBuster Matthew Balan has written of the time Sanchez hinted Fox News isn't a legitimate news outlet.  And when Sanchez claimed Fox News "obviously tends to lean way, way, way to the right."  And the time Sanchez described FNC as "essentially the voice of the Republican Party."

I don't see Fox News offering a slot to the ousted CNN anchor.  Or him accepting it.  Then again, if Barack Obama can give Hillary Clinton a job after all the nasty stuff she said about him, anything's possible.