CBS Stoops to Analyzing President Bush's Moons and Planets

December 30th, 2005 3:07 PM

Yes it’s the Friday before New Year's. Yes there is not much in the way of news. But CBS was so desperate to fill time this morning, they brought on an astrologer to predict the future. Needless to say, she predicted a bad year in 2006 for both President Bush and the economy. Would it really have been on CBS had she done otherwise?

In the 8:30 half hour of this morning’s "Early Show," host Harry Smith interviewed the writer of the daily astrology column for the New York Daily News, Susan Miller. Smith began the interview inquiring about the President’s moons and planets.

Harry Smith: "Now, you know, one of the people who really had a tough year last year, his approval ratings down, everything else, President Bush. How are his moons and planets?"

According to Susan Miller, the President’s "moons and planets" are not in a good state right now as she predicts a tough year in 2006 for the President.

Susan Miller: He is a Cancer but he has Leo rising. So he's not out of the woods yet. It's a tough time. And we all go through these difficult times once every 29 years and he's in it right now. But you know what, Saturn is the planet of wisdom and is the planet that makes you think deeply. It makes you slow down and look at the consequences. That's a big thing about Saturn. So this will be the theme of his year."

She also predicts Saturn will cause the President to have to make hard choices: "And, you know, and he'll have to make hard choices, because Saturn..."

It may just be me, but I thought Presidents always have hard choices to make; it is the nature of the office.

In another prediction sure to make liberals happy, she foresees that the economy will struggle in 2006, as the following exchange indicates.

Harry Smith: "What about the economy? Can you tell, does astrology have an effect on that?"

Susan Miller: "See President Bush is a Cancer and so is the United States because we're born on July 4th, right? And Saturn is in the house of resources for the United States, which means..."

Harry Smith: "We're all going to win the lottery!"

Susan Miller: "It's a tough time between now and September 2007. So it just means don't put too much money on your credit cards because those heating oil bills will be coming up, we really have to watch inflation."

Forget the good economic news, the strong holiday retail sales, the increase in consumer confidence, the solid job creation, and lower energy prices, ignore the facts of a growing economy because the stars say it will do poorly.

Though Miller predicts doom and gloom for President Bush and the national economy, she does placate her host by predicting that Harry Smith will have a very successful year full of promotions and increased responsibility, though the moons and planets can’t tell her whether or not he will be the next anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Harry Smith: "Where are my moons? Where are my moons?"

Susan Miller: "You are a late Taurus, I'm sorry, a late Leo."

Harry Smith: "Leo right, on the cusp of Virgo."

Susan Miller: "Right, right, and no, it's a good time for you. You're going to be taking on some real heavy responsibility next year. You're getting more promotions. You're going to be out there. You're going to have to juggle your time, you have a lot to do."

Harry Smith: "Promotions? Am I going to be, am I going to be the anchor of the 'CBS Evening News'?"

Susan Miller: "Well, you're going to rise higher. I don't know exactly where. But you're going, you're going to be a force to be reckoned with. That I can tell you."