Rude Michael Brown Filmmaker Goes Ballistic on FNC’s Martha MacCallum

March 14th, 2017 9:07 PM

In what could only be described as one of the most cringe-worthy and disrespectful interview to date, Fox News Channel host Martha MacCallum took on a petulant filmmaker in Jason Pollock and his “documentary” on the murder of Michael Brown during Monday night’s First 100 Days.

Pollock appeared to promote his documentary Stranger Fruit about the Ferguson police shooting involving Michael Brown. That being said, calling Stranger Fruit a documentary is misleading; it’s more like a conspiracy film directed by a tin-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.

Pollock maintained authorities failed Brown while the FBI and even the Obama Department of Justice never wanted to get to the truth and covered up details about the altercation between Brown and Officer Darren Wilson.

Saying Pollock was rude and didn’t talk, but rather screamed at MacCallum is an understatement. Whenever she asked a question or responded to the manic director, Pollock was right there to shout back and make childish faces at MacCallum that you’d usually catch a misbehaving kindergartner having.

When asked if the tape mattered, Pollock shouted:

The reason we put out the convenience store tape now is so that people could get over it because he didn’t rob the store…and anyone who sees the exchange that takes place with a conscience, a heart, two minds, and is not a bigot pretty much understands what happened.

When MaCallum suggested the reason people think Michael Brown was a “bad guy” because of his physical altercation with Wilson and that the FBI and DOJ would have indicted the officer if they could, Pollock went ballistic.

“You’re suggesting that 40 FBI agents were all in cahoots,” MacCallum started to say.

“I’m suggesting that the Department of Justice failed,” Pollock replied. “Yes, they failed! They failed!”

“So it’s not possible in your brain that what happened there was what was found by the grand jury and 40 FBI agents. You’re saying all of that doesn’t matter?” MacCallum asked.

Pollock replied “yes” before continuing: 

When the facts of this case come out in my film Stranger Fruit, the real facts of this case, the facts of this case that Bob McCulloch doesn’t want us talking about, like the fact that Michael Brown was shot in the head and a bullet came out of his eye. Do you know how that would happen?

When MacCallum confronted Pollock with facts in that three different forensic investigations were done, he waved them aside, saying he didn’t care and that “they failed him...they all failed.”

Apparently, Pollock, who talked about “when the facts of this case come out” doesn’t seem to care about them, seeing as he cast aside case information, and chose not to show the entire footage of Brown’s visit to the convenience store. 

The original footage was altered from four minutes down to 30 seconds to fit Pollock’s narrative that Brown didn’t rob a convenience store prior to being shot by an officer.  The attorney of the store owner said the footage was “100 percent false.”

Perhaps Pollock should give up filmmaking and research the meaning of “fact.”