CNN Reporter Compares Plight of Cruise Passengers to Katrina Victims

February 15th, 2013 4:54 PM

As Carnival Triumph passengers began to deboard their crippled ship late Thursday night, CNN's Martin Savidge decided to compare their "isolation factor" at sea to that of Hurricane Katrina victims. Passenger Rob Kenny quickly put the cruise fiasco in perspective.

"Katrina was a major devastation. We're on a friggin' cruise ship and we're just all having a good time," he told Savidge. [Video below the break. Audio here.]

Savidge hyped the isolation of the cruise passengers as "something very similar" to that of victims of a hurricane that killed over 1,800 people and inflicted tens of billions of dollars in damage:

"And the isolation factor you described, this is the same sort of thing many people went through Katrina in New Orleans that were left behind. They never heard anything either, and it's – your mind begins to race, and you wonder if anybody knows the circumstance you're in. You think you're all alone, and of course, any rumor becomes solid fact and it spreads in a very closed environment. So I imagine it's something very similar."

Kenny insisted that the two incidents were "two different things. Two different things."

(H/T HotAir)