CNN's Anderson Cooper Honored as 'Wildlife Hero' by Green Group

June 15th, 2011 6:41 PM

[Update below:] Anderson Cooper last June had advertised CNN's telethon raising money for the Gulf oil spill through the National Wildlife Federation.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) will be honoring CNN's Anderson Cooper as a "Wildlife Hero" at its 75th Anniversary celebration June 15. A spokesperson for the organization confirmed that Cooper will be receiving the award for his coverage of the Gulf oil spill last year.

The NWF identifies itself as "the nation's largest conservation organization," working through education, preservation of habitats and ecosystems and protection of wildlife.

The gala press release announced that the celebration will be "showcasing talented individuals who have used the arts to make a difference for wildlife and people." Anderson Cooper's bio featured by the NWF includes the work he did on "Planet in Peril," a CNN special from 2007 on the climate change debate which NewsBusters scrutinized.

The federation's website also has a substantial page on global warming and its effects on wildlife. The organization states that global warming is "human caused" and is "happening now." The NWF also says it wants to help transition America to a "clean energy economy."

Here is a bizarre NWF video about climate change featured on the group's website. Also, click here to see when Anderson Cooper donned a bunny suit and interacted with apes in his coverage of wildlife that aired last fall.

UPDATE (6/16, 4:30 p.m. EDT): Last June 21, CNN featured a telethon during its prime-time news casts to raise funds for the Gulf oil spill. The money was to be used by the National Wildlife Federation, the United Way, and the Nature Conservancy.

"And thanks to everyone helping to raise money in tonight's CNN's telethon for the Gulf oil spill," Cooper announced at the beginning of Anderson Cooper 360. "The donations are going to be used by the United Way, National Wildlife Federation and the Nature Conservancy."