Macho Scarborough: I'd Say 'F-Off' If Spoken To Like Matt Gaetz To McCarthy

September 13th, 2023 7:13 PM

Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Willie Geist MSNBC Morning Joe 9-13-23 The Biden White House can cross Morning Joe off the list of media outlets that need to be urged to get tougher on House Republicans regarding their potential opening of an impeachment inquiry on Biden.

The Morning Joe crowd is already on the job, devoting its opening segment today to trashing Republicans for even considering an impeachment inquiry against Good Ol' Joe.

And the effort was led by none other than Muy Macho Joe Scarborough. As we've documented on a number of occasions, as here and here, Scarborough has a habit of boasting about just what a tough guy he is.

Mighty Joe was back at his macho bragging this morning, saying that if anyone dared speak to him the way Matt Gaetz spoke to Kevin McCarthy, he'd tell him to "F-O" -- even if it were "Satan at the Gates of Hell!" Joe Scarborough: tougher than the Devil himself!

Now, that is one tough hombre. Must come in handy when Scarborough summers on the mean streets of Nantucket! Tough guy Joe also used wife Mika as a convenient foil to back up his boast about what a manly man he is.

It's a day ending in Y at MSNBC when they mock McCarthy as a worthless weakling and James Comer as the most incompetent House chairman they've ever seen.

Scarborough repeatedly mocked the Kentucky accent of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, and sarcarstically claimed that Arnold the Pig from Green Acres could do a better job than Comer! Back in 2020, hyper-partisan Joe and Mika took turns praising an Adam Schiff speech during impeachment proceedings as a "virtuoso performance." He was Pavarotti at the podium.

Scarborough also mocked Comer for losing track of an informant who has alleged corruption by President Biden and his family. Explaining why the informant has disappeared, Scarborough made much of the fact that the person is an international arms dealer and a pawn of the Communist Chinese party.

Well, guess what, Joe? The fact that someone close enough to the Bidens to have incriminating information about them is a criminal himself is not exactly surprising—or exculpatory! 

To the contrary, it's like the classic situation in criminal trials where the defense points to the prosecution's informant as being a criminal. Well, yeah, that's the kind of person who would tend to have information about a fellow criminal's activities!

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough bragging that he'd tell anyone to "f-off" if they spoke to him like Matt Gaetz spoke to Kevin McCarthy was sponsored in part by, GlaxoSmithKline, maker of the Shingrix vaccine, and Sling.

Morning Joe
6:00 am EDT

JONATHAN LEMIRE: [On Way Too Early lead in to Morning Joe]: Let's just underscore: there's yet to be any evidence provided of any wrongdoing by President Biden, and fears from both sides of the aisle that this process is cheapening impeachment itself, which is supposed to be just rare, and for grave circumstances. 

. . . 

MARIA BARTIROMO: Hold on a second, Congressman. Did you just say that the whistleblower, or the informant, is now missing?

JAMES COMER: Well we, we're hopeful that we can find the informant. 

SEAN HANNITY: Do you believe that this is now officially, the Joe Biden bribery allegation? And do you believe that you will be able to prove that, Jim Comer?

COMER: I sure hope so. And I do believe that there's a lot of smoke. And where there's smoke there's fire.

SCARBOROUGH: [Mockingly] I sure -- I sure hope so. I sure hope so.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer  --

SCARBOROUGH: Next time we do that, can we have --

MIKA: That was incredible.

SCARBOROUGH: -- the theme song of Green Acres behind? Because I really do think Arnold the Pig, from Green Acres, who by the way, one of the great characters in 1960s television history --

MIKA: I actually remember Green Acres. 

SCARBOROUGH: -- would do a better job, do a better job --

MIKA: Watching it in reruns.

SCARBOROUGH: -- a better job than James Comer.

I love, I love that moment where one of the hosts, Willie, goes, wait! wait! What are you telling me? Are you telling me that the informant is missing? [Imitating Comer's Kentucky accent] Well, we sure hope we can find him.

WILLIE GEIST: I think they still haven't found him.

SCARBOROUGH: You know why they have trouble finding him? Because he's an international fugitive. You know what? Because he's an international fugitive! You know why he's an international fugitive? Cause he's an arms dealer. He's an agent of the Communist Chinese party . . .  You've got a guy Willie, that was illegally smuggling Iranian oil to the Communist Chinese party. That is who James Comer is running with. All to be able to say [imitates Comer's Kentucky accent,] why, I don't know. I sure hope so.
. . . 

GEIST: An extraordinary moment, I thought, something we discussed yesterday, where Congressman Matt Gaetz. Just listen to the way he talks to Speaker McCarthy. It's beyond disrespect. It's, we own you. We made you Speaker. If you don't do all these things that we're telling you to do right now, we're going to vacate the chair and you're out of your job. It is a bizarre dynamic here.

And still, still, no evidence presented. No definitive evidence that Joe Biden had anything to do with all -- this is all about Hunter Biden. So if they've got the evidence, they've had five years to show it since this investigation started. Let's see it.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: Kevin, you need to tell people to go to hell!

If somebody ever said to me --

MIKA: Immediate, total compliance or we will remove you.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, let me just ask you, Mika.

MIKA: Yes.

SCARBOROUGH: What if somebody ever said to me in any situation --

MIKA: Oh, my.

SCARBOROUGH: At the Gates of Hell, if Satan said to me, immediate, total compliance, or what?

MIKA: We will remove you.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. Or we will remove you. I would say, again, f-a and f-o. 

MIKA: It is too --

SCARBOROUGH: It is not too early. You know, it's like almost noon in London.

MIKA: That's right.

SCARBOROUGH: And we've got a lot of people watching in London, Willie.

But I do ask this question, and I know maybe this, this means I'm an old man and I shouldn't talk this way, but I'm just going to to talk this way, Willie.

What kind of man would allow somebody to talk to him publicly? And bow down to him. I just, I just, I don't teach -- and forget about manhood. Even though this is a question of manhood and masculinity, my daughter would never, never in a billion years -- she's the toughest of the lot -- she would never in a billion years allow somebody to talk to her that way. I'm sure your daughter, your son, we don't teach -- we wouldn't allow our children to act that way. 

Who, who is Kevin McCarthy? And why does he allow anybody to talk to him that way? It's just, it's astounding that he is that weak, and timid, and he's Speaker of the House.