MSNBC's Claire McCaskill Mocks Trump In Ankle Bracelet, DeSantis in 'Snow White' Boots

June 8th, 2023 10:36 AM

Claire McCaskill MSNBC Morning Joe 6-8-23 Is Democrat ex-senator Claire McCaskill still bitter about being trounced by Josh Hawley in her 2018 re-election bid, or was she always this spiteful? On today's Morning Joe, McCaskill, now an MSNBC analyst, managed to take nasty swipes at the two frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination.

She began by disparaging the field of Republican candidates as the "Seven Dwarfs." McCaskill then cast Ron DeSantis as "Snow White," because "he likes white boots." Are we trying to imply DeSantis is somehow secretly gay, Claire? 


McCaskill then took her shot at Donald Trump. Commenting on the report that the Justice Department has informed Trump that he is the target of a federal investigation regarding his handling of classified documents, McCaskill, with mock seriousness, butter not melting in her mouth, invited liberal historian (and occasional Biden speechwriter) Jon Meacham to comment:

"This may be the first time in history—Jon Meacham can speak to this—we have a nominee for president with an ankle bracelet."

Meacham was on set, but did not offer a reply. When it comes to liberal fantasies of Trump being humiliated by the criminal justice system, McCaskill's dream of the former president in an ankle bracelet is right up there. But it pales in comparison to fired MSNBC host Tiffany Cross's fantasy of Trump being:

"Dragged out on the White House lawn like a 1980s episode of Cops."

Question: if DeSantis is Snow White, could McCaskill be Old Mother Hubbard? After all, the cupboard of the Missouri electorate was bare for McCaskill. The voters wouldn't throw her a bone.

On Morning Joe, Democrat ex-senator and MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill fantasizing about Donald Trump in an ankle bracelet, and casting Ron DeSantis as Snow White, was sponsored in part by GlaxoSmithKline, maker of the meningitis B vaccine, Liberty Mutual, Hulu, and Subway.  

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:09 am EDT

WILLIE GEIST: So Claire, let's have you put on your prosecutor's hat, if you would. When federal prosecutors tell attorneys for a potential defendant that he is a potential target, that tells you what about their investigation?

CLAIRE MCCASKILL: Tells you they're going to indict him. I'm not aware of many cases where someone has gotten a target letter before the feds had decided that they had the sufficient evidence to go forward.

And, you know, that's the thing about the federal government. They don'thave to do anything until they're ready. It's not like state prosecutors who are doing violent criminals.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Does that mean they're ready? I mean, is that the point of their letter?

MCCASKILL: It means they're ready. It sounds, it looks like to me they're doing something in Florida on a different track --

MIKA: Right.

MCCASKILL: -- having to do with venue, which may be just keeping pressure on witnesses that may be key to an indictment that I believe will come down in Washington.

But it's, it's going to be really interesting and it's going to be interesting politically. We don't know -- so far, charging him with a crime has calcified his support of that 30% of the Republican party.

And now we officially have the Seven Dwarfs in the race, along with DeSantis, who may turn out to be Snow White--he likes white boots. I think Snow White liked white boots.

MIKA: [Snorts] Hmm-mmm.

MCCASKILL: So, this is going to be, this is Trump's dream, that he would have this many Republican candidates in the primary that would siphon off all the anti-Trump voters there are in the Republican party and put him in the, in the driver's seat.

So we may have the first time in history—Jon Meacham can speak to this—that we have a nominee for president with an ankle bracelet.