Scarborough: World Leaders' Complaint—America TOO Powerful Under Biden!

May 1st, 2023 11:07 AM

Joe Scarborough Charlie Sykes MSNBC Morning Joe 5-1-23 Watching Joe Biden tottering around, or suffering yet another senior moment, can anyone seriously believe that the world views America as stronger under his "leadership?" Apparently, yes: in the person of bitter-end Biden fanboy Joe Scarborough on his DNC Morning Talking Points show.

On Monday's Morning Joe, he mentioned today having flipped channels and, in an obvious reference to Fox News, came across "a certain news channel." Scarborough compounded his shtick by saying that he wasn't going to name the former Speaker he saw there, "but his first name was Newt."

Much to Joe's chagrin, Gingrich "kept going on and on about how weak and terrible the United States was, how we are China's lapdog, basically, and we're being led around by China. And we're so pathetic." 

Scarborough insisted from his globe-trotting experience talking to world leaders, they feel like Biden is somehow a geopolitical Schwarzenegger, flexing his muscles all over the place. He's too aggressive, not too weak:


SCARBOROUGH: Going around the world, talking to world leaders, nobody is going, "Oh, we wish you guys would lead!" They're saying, "You're being too aggressive in Asia. You're setting up too many bases. You're being too confrontational with China. You're being too aggressive in the Middle East. You're being too aggressive in Europe."

I mean, all of the, all of the complaints about the United States across the globe are that we we're too powerful, that our military's too powerful, that our dollar's too powerful, that our economy is too powerful, that we're running over even our allies. That we're stronger than we've ever been. That's what our friends and enemies are saying.

Wonder if Scarborough has seen articles like these?

Super-patriot Scarborough also again aimed his "America: love it or leave it" line at Republicans. 

You listen to these Republicans, these Trump Republicans. They just tear down the United States of America all the time. And, if they want to do it, it's a free country. They are, of course, the people who said "America, love it or leave it" in the '60s and 70s, so, that's a bit ironic I guess, or hypocritical, whichever one.

But I just, I could say, Charlie. What's the end game for them? Do they really think Americans are going to vote for a political movement that hates on America and America's military every day?

Charlie Sykes sounded like Joe's agreeable sidekick, like an Ed McMahon: "Apparently, they do."

Joe Scarborough claiming that the only complaint of world leaders have is that America is "too powerful" under Biden was sponsored in part by Allstate, Kayak, Chevy, and Abbvie, maker of Skyrizi,