Class, MSNBC-Style: Michael Cohen Calls MTG Marjorie 'Toilet' Greene

April 9th, 2023 10:07 PM

Katie Phang Michael Cohen MSNBC The Katie Phang Show 4-8-23 Say what you will about Marjorie Taylor Greene. But all you need to know about MSNBC's standards is that Michael Cohen, appearing on the network for the umpteenth time Saturday, called her Marjorie "Toilet" Greene. Without a peep of pushback for his vulgarity from the MSNBC host. 

Cohen was, yet again, a guest on Katie Phang's Saturday show. Beyond his middle-school worthy slur of MTG, Cohen and Phang indulged in a series of puerile comments on Trump.

  • Phang described Trump as "slinking" back to Mar-a-Lago after his arraignment. As a pilot, I'd love to "slink" anywhere in my own Boeing 757!
  • Cohen claimed that—contrary to what people might imagine—Trump's indictment didn't make him happy "at all." Riiight. This from the guy who has written two virulently anti-Trump books, and spent years pouring poison about Trump into the ears of prosecutors.  
  • Cohen claimed to see "fear, complete and total fear," in Trump's eyes as he was arraigned.
  • Cohen said it was "nonsensical" for Trump to seek a change of venue from Manhattan for his trial. But just moments later, Cohen claimed that 92-93% of the people he meets on the streets of NYC congratulate and thank him for his stand against Trump. And that would be the jury pool!

Cohen once said he'd "take a bullet" for Trump. Ever the sycophant, now that he's flipped sides, Cohen told Phang he couldn't imagine anyone ever turning away from her show. Even Phang seemed embarrassed by Cohen's pathetic suck-up.  

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Here's the transcript.

The Katie Phang Show
8:29 am EDT

KATIE PHANG: Michael, good morning, thanks for joining us. How did it feel to watch Tuesday's arraignment of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsification of business records?

MICHAEL COHEN: You know, it's interesting, because so many people contacted me, whether it was by, you know, social media or texting, they're all saying, this must feel great! Finally there's vindication. 

And, that's not how I felt. It's not how I felt at all. I'm glad that accountability is finally at Donald's doorstep. But at the end of the day, it's a very sad day for America, in the fact that, you know, he's the first president in U.S. history to be indicted.

PHANG: Michael, you told Robert Costa that you expected to see quote, complete and total mayhem at Trump's arraignment. And yet, there was a total dud there. Very few supporters and no protests.

But we did see Trump slink back to Mar-a-Lago immediately after that court hearing. Your thoughts on why Trump didn't try to grandstand while he was in New York City

COHEN: Well, first of all, that's one prediction that I could not be happier that I got wrong. I mean, I've been right on so many predictions. This is one that I'm ecstatic. 

I mean, the tens and tens of Trump supporters that were there. Including, you know, Marjorie "Toilet" Greene, who just sat there and, you know, the second she got to New York, she got the good old Bronx cheer and they ran her right out. I think she was here for all 30 seconds. She realized there was no support. 

And the same thing with George Santos. I mean, he's, he's another one that got booted out of the downtown area extremely quickly. 

The one thing that, of course, that we all saw, and on Donald can say whatever he wants. We also saw the look on his face as the door slammed, and you know, the police officer didn't even hold the door for him as he waw coming through.

You could see the look of, not just anger, but fear, complete and total fear in his eyes. And that's why he needed to run back immediately to Mar-a-Lago, so that he could go ahead, and he could, you know, inflate that to deflated ego of his, by having, what, dinner with Marjorie taylo Taylor Greene and, you know, Matt Gaetz, and surrounded by all of those ridiculous acolytes and followers. Many of whom were probably employees that filled, you know, the ballroom there, when he went on to do exactly what Judge Merchan told him not to do. Told him, stop with the violence, stop with the hatre speech, stop with the attacks on individuals. Whether it's himself, meaning the judge, whether it's, you know, the lawyers, the prosecutors, Alvin Bragg himself, any of the witnesses. Donald, Donald refused to abide by Judge Merchan's rules. And that's just who Donald Trump is.

HANG: But Michael, to your point, do you think that we're going to see a gag order in this case, seeing how Trump cannot control himself and keep his mouth shut.

COHEN: Yeah, I certainly hope not, because that would fall right into Donald's playbook. Again, don't forget, I was involved in writing so much of that playbook early on. If in fact the Judge Merchan goes ahead and puts a gag order, the first thing that Donald will do is have his counsel file for a claim, or make a motion for a violation of his First Amendment constitutional rights. Something he knows very well, which is what "Revenge" [one of Cohen's anti-Trump books] is really all about. How, you know, Donald Trump will weaponize the Department of Justice, and he will use that to slow the case down. 

On top of that, he will use it, regardless of how the result of that case comes out, he will then use it to try to have the Judge Merchan recused. And then try to compound his, you know, nonsensical request to have the case moved to someplace else. Someplace that he deems to be more favorable. So, I certainly hope that, you know, they don't fall into that trap. Because that's exactly what Donald is thinking right now

PHANG: You know Michael, I want to take a turn to something a little bit more serious. You and I have spoken about this idea, which we can tune in and turn the TV off if we don't want to watch this anymore, this being the Trump saga. You know, some of us may stop watching the Katie Phang Show, move on their day on Saturday, and then maybe forget about --

COHEN: Why would anybody, why would anybody do that? Why would anybody stop watching the Katie Phang Show?

PHANG: Oh! Thank you for that point, but, you know, Michael, you and your family, you're living this. And what I really wanted our viewers to understand is the level of vitriol, hatred, and the legitimate physical threats against your safety and that of your family that you are suffering right now because of Donald Trump.

COHEN: Well, it's true. I mean, unfortunately, we can't shut it off, especially, I can't shut if off. Now, while I'm here in New York City, and let's say 92, 93% of all of the people who pass me by in the street as I continue to try to lead some semblance of a normal life, trying to get back to my old life. 

People will come over and say, thank you for standing up for truth to power, thank you for doing what you're doing. You know, don't give up. It's very easy to give up. It's not so easy to stay in the, um, in the moment as, unfortunately, I'm forced to be. But then there's always those seven people out of 100 that, they just, they're MAGAs, and they are true die-hard Trump supporters. I mean, the level of the vitriol, as you've expressed, is off the charts. Especially through social media, which is easier to ignore than the person on the street.