'WHEEE!' Joe Scarborough Mocks DeSantis for Baseball Throwing Motion with Fox's Kilmeade

March 14th, 2023 12:32 PM

Joe Scarborough Jonathan Lemire MSNBC Morning Joe 3-14-23MSNBC has been spewing red-hot hate of Ron DeSantis for years now. But it's gotten so silly that Joe Scarborough is now mocking the Florida governor for his throwing motion during a playing-catch interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade. 

Scarborough squealed "wheee" no fewer 11 than times this morning during a long opening segment he devoted to mocking Ron DeSantis. He said it was worse given that he had been on the baseball team at Yale. Joe also mocked DeSantis as a "goober" for keeping his suit jacket on during the throwing session.

Super sports analyst Scarborough, playing both regular-speed and slo-mo clips slammed DeSantis's throwing motion. And each time Scarborough did so, he accompanied it with a long "whee."

Scarborough suggested that DeSantis' motion was all the worse given that he had been on the baseball team at Yale.


Like competing Ed McMahons, Jonathan Lemire and Eugene Robinson also "pitched" in, adding their own criticisms of the DeSantis arm mechanics -- but not without Scarborough providing the "whee" sound effects. Did any of these "experts" play sports at the college level? 

At the end of the interminable segment, Katty Kay stepped in to say that she was going to "channel my inner Mika" and bring the fiasco to a close. But Scarborough insisted on working in one final "whee."

Note: Rather than being whee-worthy, my analysis says that DeSantis was intentionally taking something off his throws. He appeared to be standing rather close to Kilmeade. And judging by Brian's throwing motion, he is not an accomplished ballplayer. DeSantis likely didn't want to embarrass Brian by whipping a ball at him that he couldn't handle.

Now, if you want to smirk at a truly whee-worthy throwing motion, here's then-President Obama throwing out a first pitch.

Joe Scarborough's gleeful use of "whee" 11 times in mocking Ron DeSantis was sponsored in part by Chewy, ServPro, and DirecTV.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:03 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We heard Ron Desantis had a -- you know, this guy played baseball at Yale, he had a, a softball interview with Brian Kilmeade at Fox. And just look: here's a clip of them throwing the ball back and forth. They're talking here, right? See that, Jonathan?


SCARBOROUGH: I want you to notice, I want to: look at this throwing motion. It's a strange thing from Ron DeSantis here. Let's see if we can, if we can see it one more time here, it's, it's, uh --



LEMIRE: You know, DeSantis, really --

SCARBOROUGH: Do we have that again? Look at this! So, here he is. Do we have it? Wheee! Do we have that in slo-mo? I want to ISO this, just so your boys will learn how not to throw a ball. It's just like, do we have someone here? Okay, ready? Wheee! . . . Like, this guy played baseball in college. And, you know, you go back, and you, whee! No!

. . . 

And I know he's in a suit, first of all. What a goober for being in a suit.

. . . 

He played college baseball! And he's, wee! 

LEMIRE: So baseball is a big part of the DeSantis story, right? He played in the Little League World Series. He --


LEMIRE: -- he played college baseball at Yale.

. . . 

EUGENE ROBINSON: It's a weird motion. He doesn't bring the arm back the way he should. He doesn't follow through the way he should. And it's a weird sort of --


ROBINSON: -- weight shift that he's doing. It's not well timed.

SCARBOROUGH: Ha, ha, ha, ha: wee!

LEMIRE: That's the sixth "wee" we got here.

ROBINSON: That's not the way you teach your --


ROBINSON: Not the way you teach your --


. . . 

KATTY KAY: I think I'm going to channel my inner Mika here. It is 6:08:45. We are getting to the news.