CNN Laughs and Jokes About Potential Legal Woes for Trump and Giuliani

February 15th, 2021 10:22 AM

Forget a second failed impeachment attempt. CNN never stops seeing trouble for Trump right around the corner. And they love it. 

The New Day crew had a jolly old time literally laughing and joking about the legal challenges that President Trump and Rudy Giuliani might be facing.

As a list of Trump's "legal problems" was displayed during New Day's 6 am hour, co-host John Berman could be heard stifling giggles in glee as he proclaimed:

"Look at this! It fills up the screen!"

It doesn't matter if this is only potential liberal hopes and dreams. A bit later, the panel shared a good guffaw as Rudy Giuliani's potential legal challenges were the topic. Teeing up CNN legal analyst Elie Honig to snark at Rudy's situation, Berman said: 

"Elie, if your second book was titled, 'The Problem for Rudy . . . ' it would be a long, long book."

John Berman Erica Hill Eli Honig CNN New Day 2-15-21Honig was happy to play along: "yeah, we've got to keep a lid on the number of pages. That's too much."

As you'll see from the screencap, Berman smirked as Honig and substitute host Erica Hill had a fine laugh.

Note: this kind of schadenfreude is not what happened after Bill Clinton's impeachment and acquittal. The liberal networks didn't gleefully report his being fined or disbarred for lying under oath. They didn't find them newsworthy.

CNN laughing about the legal challenges potentially facing President Trump and Rudy Giuliani was sponsored in part by Liberty Mutual and Flex Seal.

Here's the transcript.

New Day
6:14 am ET

JOHN BERMAN: This morning, the former president faces a range of potential criminal and civil [chuckles] investigations. Look at this! It fills up the screen!

. . . 

ERICA HILL: What about Rudy Giuliani here, Elie. Is he going to get pulled in?

ELIE HONIGH: Yeah, Erica: any time the president is in trouble, you can bet Rudy Giuliani is one step behind . . . In fact, some of the things Rudy Giuliani said are completely untrue, have been completely debunked. He said there was over 10,000 people, dead people, who voted. In fact, Georgia officials looked at that. The  actual number was two. The problem for Rudy is, it is a crime to lie to the Georgia state legislature. You can say whatever you want in the parking lot of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, but it is a crime to lie when you’re testifying in front of an official body.

BERMAN: Elie, if your second book was titled, 'The Problem for Rudy . . . ' it would be a long, long book, at this point.

HONIG: [Laughs] Yeah. We’ve got to keep a lid on the number of pages. That, that’s too much. [Erica Hill joins in laughter.]

BERMAN: Elie Honig, thank you very much for helping us understand the specific legal challenges facing the former president. Appreciate it.