Mika Gush: Kamala Harris 'Cares About Equality Deep Within Her Soul'

August 12th, 2020 10:18 AM

The mood was light and happy on Morning Joe today, instead of the daily doomfest. All was right and just in the Democratic world. Mika Brzezinski quickly had to make the Kamala Harris choice all about her, showing a picture of her hosting Senator Harris at a "Know Your Value" event in California in December of 2018. 

Mika first claimed that Harris "cares about equality deep within her soul." Harris's biggest "equality" moment during the debates came when she attacked Joe Biden over his opposition to forced busing. But when asked about it during her vetting, she laughed it off: "That's politics." The only thing deep in Harris's soul would appear to be her burning desire to get ahead.



MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I had her at the "Know Your Value" San Francisco event.


MIKA: The crowd went wild. 


MIKA: And she really connected with the women in the audience. Extremely, not just likable, as they talk about as people cover campaigns and talk about temperament. But she cares about women’s issues. She cares about equality deep within her soul, from her own experience. We’ve had a great time knowing her so far, and it’s kind of exciting, this pick. 

This "kind of exciting" seems to suggest she wasn't Mika's first choice. Then she asked Joe what his sayings are for this event. 

He said "I always tell politicians over the past 25 years, when they come up with a great idea, and it's this -- never sneak up on the press. Do not try to surprise the press. Let them know what's coming. You get no extra points in the long run for a big, exciting announcement. It usually blows up in your face." He cited Ferraro, Quayle, and Palin, and suggested their names should have been floated first.

This is good advice, but it shows you how much the press acts like a spoiled child when it doesn't feel respected. 

Scarborough added "What's so interesting about the Kamala choice is that Joe Biden is getting the positive effect of a landmark choice. And a lot of people were saying before, well, Kamala Harris, that would be a boring pick....Everybody knows that, you know, she's a front-runner. There's no excitement. Wrong. It's a landmark pick, regardless."

Mika's little endorsement of Harris and the depth of her soul was sponsored in part by Choice Hotels, Safelite, and Dunkin Donuts.