Scarborough: After 'Madman' Trump Loses, Insiders Will Claim They Pushed 25th Amendment

June 19th, 2020 11:41 AM

Here's the latest installment of the liberal media's lingering love affair with the 25th Amendment, as it supposedly applies to President Trump. On today's Morning Joe, discussing the allegations in John Bolton's book, an agitated Mika Brzezinski said they reveal "actions that endanger our national security. That endanger the American people!"

Joe Scarborough then stepped up and said that given Trump's control of the nuclear codes, top aides like Bolton and James Mattis had a duty to go to Congress and inform them that:

"The ship of state is in the hands of a madman, or at least in the hands of an ignorant man, who doesn't have the temperament, or the intellect, to effectively run the country."



Here's the exchange: 

Morning Joe
8:15 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: This is unpatriotic behavior. These are actions that endanger our national security, that endanger the American people.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: When he’s Commander-in-Chief, and he’s in charge of the nuclear codes and he’s in charge of the United States government’s executive branch, they have a duty, immediately, to go to Capitol Hill. If they don’t want to talk in the press, to testify behind closed doors to intel committees, behind closed doors to armed services committees, to foreign affairs committees, and let them know the ship of state is in the hands of a madman. Or at least in the hands of an ignorant man who doesn’t have the temperament or the intellect to effectively run the country. 

. . . 

So Willie, I wonder, when Mike Pence writes his book, and starts pitching his book six months from now, will Mike Pence lie and say, 'Well, at this point I started thinking about the 25th Amendment, and I went and talked to A or talked to B?'

All of these, will Kellyanne Conway be the one who lies and says, 'Yes, I was very concerned. And I just — I let people know that I was so concerned?. . . Will Kellyanne Conway be the one that says, 'Yes, I was so concerned. I furiously worked around the White House corridors to try to get someone to push forward the 25th Amendment to take this man out of office?'

Willie, who’s going to say it then? You know they are. You know they’re going to lie. They’re all liars. You know they’re going to lie? Who’s going to say it? Nobody in real time, I can tell you. Nobody in real time. Nobody, nobody will do it when we need it most. 

Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Morning Joe 6-18-20Scarborough, posited that President Trump will lose in November, emphatically predicted that some top insiders like VP Pence or Kellyanne Conway will lie and claim they were pushing for the removal of the president via the 25th Amendment. 

So Scarborough's making a double prediction: 1. that President Trump will lose; and 2. that thereafter, top aides will falsely claim that behind the curtains they had been pushing for the president's removal. 

Wanna bet, Joe? How about 10 bucks, with the loser contributing to a charity of the winner's choice?