MSNBC Pundit: Trump Worse to Ukraine Ambassador Than....Hillary on Benghazi

November 5th, 2019 10:20 AM

What's worse? President Trump reportedly saying that acting US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was “going to go through some things?” Or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failing to protect US ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens? Is that even close? 

Yovanovitch returned uneventfully to the US, testified before Congress, and will surely be feted by Democrats as a brave leader of the Resistance.

Stevens was brutally murdered, violated, and dragged through the streets by a Libyan mob.   



If you think Hillary's failure was the worse of the two incidents, you're wrong. Wrong, at least, in the view of "MSNBC Republican" Elise Jordan and the Morning Joe crew. On today's show, Jordan said that in contrast with the Hillary/Stevens situation, here "we literally have the President of the United States targeting an ambassador." Fulminated Jordan, "it's criminal!" No word from Elise on her view of Hillary's lethal neglect of her ambassador.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:01 am ET

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Let’s start there, with a first look at the closed-door testimony in the impeachment probe. Among the many revelations, ousted U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told lawmakers during her October deposition she felt threatened by President Trump after it was revealed that he told the President of Ukraine that she would, quote, go through some things. She was asked during the deposition, what did you understand that to mean? She replied, I didn’t know what it meant. I was very concerned. I still am. Did you feel threatened? Yes, she replied.

. . . 

ELISE JORDAN: Remember a time when everyone was really concerned about Benghazi and did the State Department, did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, did the Obama administration do enough to protect Ambassador Stevens and the other diplomats serving at that hardship post? And we literally have the President of the United States targeting an ambassador. You have the threat coming in from the desk at the State Department, diplomatic security, what are they just being left ou there, you know, protecting an Ambassador and left out high and dry. This is just — it is, it’s criminal!

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