Joe Scarborough Keeps Hope Alive: Trump Could Be Gone in Less Than a Year

December 5th, 2018 7:56 AM

Has Joe Scarborough been hanging out with Jerry Nadler, the man who would chair impeachment hearings when the Dems take over the House? Or does Joe perhaps have a source inside the Mueller investigation?

The questions arise because on today's Morning Joe, Scarborough described President Trump as:

"a man who may not be in the White House for another year."

Scarborough's stunning suggestion came in the context of his condemnation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for "lying" to Congress regarding Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Scarborough's point was—given that President Trump could soon be gone—it made no sense for Pompeo to be "sullying his reputation" by defending Trump's position on MBS.

Bonus Coverage: Mika Brzezinski engaged in a bit of childish cheerleading on behalf of the women's team. When it was suggested that—in contrast with Pompeo and James Mattis, who were allegedly "lying" about MBS' involvement—CIA Director Gina Haspel set the record straight, Mika piped up:

"Of course it's a woman who has to step up."

"Of course?" So men are incapable of telling the truth, and only a woman can save the day?  

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: This is what Pompeo and Mattis said last week, after the briefing without Haspel.

MIKE POMPEO: There is no direct reporting connecting the Crown Prince to the order to murder Jamal Khashoggi.

JAMES MATTIS: We have no smoking gun that the Crown Prince was involved.

. . . 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: They're both lying. Willie, maybe they think they're using terms of art. I think Pompeo was especially dreadful . . . He is a relatively young man with great credentials, a great past behind him, who is going out and sullying his reputation for a man who may not be in the White House for another year. It's just shocking to me.

. . . 

WILLIE GEIST: Senator Corker added, the difference between last week's administration briefing and the Haspel briefing was "the difference between darkness and sunshine."

MIKA: Of course it's a woman who has to step up.