Scarborough: Does 'Quirky' Carson with 'Crazy' Theory Have 'Character' to be President?

November 6th, 2015 7:09 AM

Joe Scarborough's critique of Ben Carson goes way beyond policy differences. Scarborough questions whether Carson has the "character" to be president.

On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough twice suggested Carson was "quirky" and said his theory on the pyramids is "crazy." Scarborough suggestively asked whether Carson "has the temperament, whether he has the character to be President of the United States?"

Scarborough has certainly criticized Hillary Clinton, but does anyone recall him questioning whether she has the "character" to be president, despite the fact that she has blatantly lied on a slew of issues?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: First of all, his story seems to keep changing about exactly what happened, when it happened, where it happened. I don't think that matters at the end of the day. I think more importantly, you have, Mark Halperin, the question of whether this guy's just a little quirky. Whether he has the temperament, whether he has the character to be President of the United States. 

We follow up a story about a stabbing that now appears to be inconsistent and a lot of different stories where you're making up names in your book and then you talk about the pyramids being made by biblical figures even though the Bible, which we Christians say is one of the most important historical documents of ancient times, never mentions things like that. And he talks about secular progressives and people who don't believe in God questioning his pyramid theory. 

Well, I'm a Southern Baptist and I was raised in the Southern Baptist church and spent about three or four days at church reading the Bible in church and was literally raised in the Southern Baptist church. I don't believe his theory. It's crazy. And in my 50 years in churches, I've never heard this theory before. So I don't know that the secular-progressive attack sticks, Mark Halperin. There's a bigger question. There's a lot of quirkiness going on here.