MSNBC Union Guest: Republicans 'Literally Deny Clothing To Foster Kids To Give Rich People Tax Cuts'

May 21st, 2011 7:21 AM

Kind of disappointing--nothing about Republicans head-butting widows or knocking the crutches from the arms of the disabled.  Even so, let's give Damon Silvers credit: the union boss did claim that Republicans "literally deny clothing to foster kids to give rich people tax cuts."

AFL-CIO honcho Damon Silvers made the hysterically hyperbolic claim on Cenk Uygur's MSNBC show this evening.

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Silvers was describing Big Labor's strategy in funding upcoming campaigns.

DAMON SILVERS: If all the politicians of one party stand up for the American dream and fight for working people, then we'll be with them.  If only some politicians in one party do that, we'll be with those politicians that do that.  And, as it sometimes seems to be the case with Republicans, if none of the politicians in the party are prepared to stand up for the American dream, then we're not going to be with any of them . . . We continue to look for the scale of vision and moral courage that's necessary to fight the truly destructive forces that are work in our country.  Forces that really essentially close schools, and close universities, and deny, deny literally deny clothing to foster kids in order to give rich people tax cuts.