Suddenly, Cenk Wants People To Chant 'USA, USA!'

May 2nd, 2011 9:26 PM

What does it take to make a lefty MSMer go all Chuck Norris?  A war-on-terrorism success during a Dem presidency, of course.

On his MSNBC show tonight, Cenk Uygur, of all people, regretted that more Americans aren't chanting "USA, USA!"

View video after the break.

Watch Cenk swell his chest with macho patriotic pride.  Think he would be calling for more "USA, USA" chants if a Republican were in the White House tonight?

CENK UYGUR: As the news broke late last night that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, celebrations began breaking out all across the country.  Chants of "USA, USA," people singing the Star Spangled Banner could be heard well into the early hours of the morning [cut to video of celebrations, people chanting 'USA, USA,' etc.] And there were dozens of reports of celebrations across the country as well. On huge news days like this, people always remember where they were when they heard the news.  Well, for me, it was a little anti-climactic, cause I heard about it four hours after everybody else--and I'm in the news business. Why? I was on a plane.  I woke up and got online and couldn't believe no one woke me up to tell me.

So I woke up the guy next to me and I said "hey, we got Bin Laden!"  I wanted the pilot to make an announcement. When we were by luggage pick-up when we landed, I wanted people to start chanting "USA, USA!" They didn't. People ranging from elders in the Vatican to Mike Huckabee have said what a lot of us are feeling: you shouldn't celebrate anyone's death. Bu-t-t-t-t, in this case, I don't know . . . So, I hated the message we sent in Iraq: that we're going to attack you whether you hit us or not. I think we can be strong and smart.  I love the message that we sent yesterday: if you come for us, some day in the middle of the night, when you least expect it, we will come for you.  And then we'll chant: "USA, USA!"  Just so you know.

Que macho!