Ratings-Starved Uygur: The Devil Makes Me Cover Donald Trump

April 30th, 2011 7:20 AM

Even at MSNBC, which gets crushed of course by Fox News in every prime-time slot, Cenk Uygur manages to come in dead last in ratings among his liberal peers.  

So when Cenk claims that he doesn't want to cover Donald Trump but is forced to do so by The Donald's popularity, the baloney-meter starts screaming. Uygur opened his show last evening with a long segment on Trump, all the while apologizing to his audience for doing so. 

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Watch Uygur's phony-baloney excuse for doing for what he knows will play to his liberal audience--minute as it might be.

CENK UYGUR: Good evening everybody, I'm Cenk Uygur.  I'm going to be honest with you guys: we had an internal discussion here about whether we should do any more Donald Trump stories, because look, the guy is obviously a clown.  We get that, right?  But we decided that we had to.  Not because of Trump, but because of the unbelievable reaction he's been getting.  Last night we showed you that he was leading among presidential hopefuls in the latest poll.  He's leading.  What are we going to do, not cover the leading contender?  We hope that doesn't last, but that is the current situation.

When Cenk was later joined by Bill Press, he continued crying his crocodile tears about being forced to cover Trump.

UYGUR: Bill, you know, we're stuck on this, you know, and you know, damned if we do, damned if we don't.  If he's leading among contenders, you've got to cover the guy, right?

BILL PRESS: Look, absolutely.  I spent an hour on it on my radio show this morning for the same reason.  Here's the problem: there's such a vacuum of serious candidates.  They've got 18 candidates. They don't have anybody other than the crazies that the people seem to like.  Tim Pawlenty could not--it would be like asking him to cross-dress--to talk like Donald Trump.  The same thing with Mitt Romney. They're so boring.

For good measure, Press took a Republicans-are-racist shot.

PRESS: I'll you what might get [Trump] in the end: it's the F-bomb.  [Republicans] will tolerate racism, but I don't think they'll tolerate the F-bomb.