Reuters Report Failed to Disclose Ethnic Identity of UK Terror Suspects

January 31st, 2007 6:59 AM
Not that there was any real doubt, when you turned on the news this morning and heard the report that eight men had been arrested in England and charged with plotting terror attacks including the Al-Qaeda style beheading of a police officer, that the suspects were Muslim, but you wouldn't know it from this Reuters report on the arrests.

Any reference to the ethnic or religious origins of the suspects was absent.

In contrast, this Bloomberg report stated that "Sky News [Fox News sister network] said the arrested men were British born of Pakistani origin, while one was Pakistani."

The Bloomberg report contained some additional, and disturbing, facts coming from a recent study:

"[T]he interest of young Muslims in religion was more politicized than it had been for their parents. Three quarters of 16- to 24-year- olds questioned said they would prefer Muslim women to wear a veil. Among the 55-year-olds and above, only 28 percent favored it.

"The survey showed that younger rather than older Muslims were more likely to prefer living under the Islamic legal framework, or Sharia, and favored Islamic schools over non- religious state schools."

Unsurprisingly, Reuters didn't mention that study either.

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