Ornstein on Surge Decision: 'George Bush Believes He's Answering To A Higher Authority'

January 8th, 2007 8:20 AM

George W. Bush is less overtly religious in his public pronouncements than many of his presidential predecessors. Yet the MSM often portrays him as a zealot who sees himself on a mission from God.

Pundit Norm Ornstein perpetuated the stereotype on this morning's "Good Morning America". ABC senior national correspondent Jake Tapper narrated a segment on Pres. Bush's impending announcement of a surge of troops into Iraq. The thrust was that W is making his decision despite bi-partisan opposition. Not only are virtually all Dems opposed, but, as Tapper put it, "even some Republicans are expressing serious doubts about the proposed surge." To that effect, an excerpt was played of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell's appearance on yesterday's Fox News Sunday stating: "I think there will be some who will and some who won't [support the surge]."

That's when Ornstein popped up in a brief clip, stating:
"George Bush believes he's answering to a higher authority. And George Bush believes the stakes on this are too high to respond to political pressure."
So . . . with his provocative statement was Ornstein trying to burnish his reputation as King of Quotes, or in his own mind was he simply being, you should excuse the expression, frank?

Honorable Mention to reader 'bigtimer' for discovering the hidden pun!

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