Gallagher Ga-Ga For Obama: 'Solid Ideas, A Moderate' [Update - Reply From Mike]

December 10th, 2006 9:37 AM

Let's be generous and chalk it up to the early-morning hour. Otherwise we'd have to come down hard on radio host Mike Gallagher, who as a guest on this morning's Fox & Friends Weekend went ga-ga for Barack Obama. It's one thing to acknowledge as did Mike that Obama has appeal as a candidate. But, interviewed by Keran Chetry, it was Gallagher's praise for Obama's substance that shocked, coming as it did from a putative conservative. Said Gallagher:

"He's got some pretty solid ideas. He's a moderate."

Obama - moderate? If Mike would check Obama's record, as we did here, he'd find that in addition to having received a perfect 100% rating last year from the paleo-liberals at Americans for Democratic Action, a host of other ratings Barack has received screams "cookie-cutter left-wing Democrat":

* Planned Parenthood 100% in 2006.
* National Right to Life Committee 0% in 2005-2006.
* Americans for Tax Reform 0% in 2005.
* NAACP 100% in 2005.
* American Conservative Union 8 percent in 2005.
* Illinois Environmental Council 100% in 2003.
* Children's Defense Fund [Hillary's old beat] 100% in 2005.
* National Organization For Women 100% in 2005.
* NRA, 'F' in 2004.
* Federation for American Immigration Reform 0% in 2005.
* 2005 AFL-CIO 92%.

So just what are those ideas Mike finds "solid," and where is the proof of Obama's moderation? Come on Mike - have an extra cup of coffee and check the record to stave off recurrences of early morning bouts of Obamamania.

Update 12-11: Mike Gallagher has responded to say he knows Obama is "no moderate." Gallagher described this column as "a well-deserved smack in the kisser," and attributes his comments about Obama to the very early hour. Give Mike credit for owning up to a mistake

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