CBS: Dems Opting for Obama Because They 'Don't Believe Hillary Can Win'

October 23rd, 2006 8:17 AM

CBS reporter Gloria Borger has offered an interesting theory to explain the recent outbreak of Obama Fever, also known as Barack Mania: Democrats don't think Hillary can win.,

Appearing on this morning's Early Show, Borger said of Hillary:

"She's the automatic front runner. She has more money, more staff, more supporters lined up. She has Bill Clinton out there who is going to be her campaigner-in-chief."

Borger then dropped this bomb:

"And what you see happening right now is a lot of Democrats looking at the field saying 'oh, Hillary is the natural nominee?'  And they don't believe she can win. That's why they are looking elsewhere.  That's why you see Barack Obama's name come up now.  The public will not see him as an inisder, they will see him as  different kind of politician, which might appeal."

But in Borger's view, Barack has his problems too.  She observed that he has "no national security experience whatsoever.  It's going to be a question that in this post-9/11 world the American public is going to ask.  Can we really put somedobdy in the Oval Office who does not have any national security experience?  That is going to be a problem."

Hmm, so the Dems' natural front-runner can't win, and the most attractive alternative has "no experience whatsoever" on the most crucial issue of the age.  I'd call that a political party with a problem.

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