N. Korean General to Sawyer: We Have Ways to Deliver Nuclear Weapons

October 19th, 2006 9:24 AM

On his show yesterday, MSNBC's Tucker Carlson congratulated Diane Sawyer of ABC for leaving the comforts of home to report from North Korea. Judging by her report this morning, you'd have to say the rigors have been worth it. Sawyer has been on a week-long stay in Dear-Leader Land, and this morning she scored an important story. A top N. Korean general flatly told her that his country has the means to deliver a nuclear weapon.

Sawyer: "We asked him what the words of North Korea meant when they said there would be a 'merciless blow' in response to any sanctions? He said he couldn't say specifically but pointed out they have short- and long-range missiles. He said 'President Bush wants us to kneel down. We cannot agree on that. If it continues, I think it will be natural to have war.'"

Sawyer: "If it continues, I asked? He said 'war is inevitable.' What kind of war, I asked? Where would it begin? He says, 'here, on the peninsula.' I ask him, is his nuclear technology weaponized? Can it be loaded on missiles?"

That's when the general dropped the bomb, so to speak:

Sawyer: "He would not say whether they could nuclearize their missiles but said, just be assured, we have the facilities to deliver nuclear weapons. We are ready."