Cha-Cha Conservative Carlson Survives His Dance With the Stars [With Video]

September 13th, 2006 4:30 AM

As the Dancing With the Stars host said, Tucker Carlson - host of the MSNBC show of the same name - "has braved some of the most perilous situations in the world, but now [for] his most intimidating assignment - dancing the cha-cha-cha on national television."

It was Tucker's turn to shine on tonight's episode of Dancing With the Stars. Carlson's professional dance partner Elena Grinenko did her best to lower expectations. Said the sultry Russian "when it comes to Tucker's ability for dancing . . . " She let a grimace express her dubious assessment. But - thanks to MRC's Brent Baker - we have the video: so you be the judge!

Video clip (4:55): Windows Media (9.5 MB) or Real (8.4 MB)

I'd say Tucker exceeded the admittedly low bar that had been established. In any case, who can resist having a look at Carlson tripping the light fantastic? Could form an indelible image that will inevitably come to mind next time a serious Tucker is grilling a heavyweight politico on some weighty political issue of the day.

Note: Far be it from NewsBusters to engage in reality-show politics. But if you did want to vote for Tucker, you may do so toll free at 1-800-868-3403. It would give you a chance to see Elena again.

Update 8/14/06: Tucker goes down, and goes down hard. Tucker and partner Elena Grinenko were the first voted off the dancing 'island' by viewers.  But Tucker seemed to have enjoyed the experience, and had fun at his own expense with it on his show Thursday.  Kudos to long-suffering Elena, who did her best to groom admittedly marginal material. 

I'd say the least Carlson could do now would be to invite Elena on his show to share her views on GOP prospects for holding onto the House ;-)  We do our bit by sharing these pics of Elena & partner, with thanks to MRC's Brent Baker.