Sy Hersh: Winner, 2006 Al-Qaeda Prize for Sympathetic Journalism

September 4th, 2006 9:11 AM

Talk about your Dubious Distinction Awards. In his recently-released videotape, Adam Gadahn, né Pearlman, a nice boy from California turned Al-Qaeda spokesman, names Sy Hersh as a “sympathetic” personality, along with British MP George Galloway and Brit journalist Robert Fisk. As per the Counterrorism Blog, Gadahn "asks . . . Hersh to 'reveal more' than what was published in a New Yorker article on the war."

The New Yorker article in question was one of a series Hersh has written critical of the Bush adminstration's Iraq policy. In a speech last year Hersh claimed that the US government is being taken over by a neo-con "cult":

"We are being taken over basically by a cult; eight or nine neo-conservatives have somehow grabbed the government."

Pulitzer Prizes are nice, and Hersh has won his share. But when it comes to boosting its circulation in far-left reaches, it's going to be hard for the New Yorker to top: "Sy Hersh, Winner of the 2006 Al-Qaeda Prize for Sympathetic Journalism."