Unreal! LA Times Op-Ed Condemns USA for Deporting . . . Violent Criminal Illegals

July 11th, 2006 2:53 PM

Just when you thought the arguments of the pro-illegal immigrant crowd couldn't get any more preposterous . . . Now, the United States is being condemned for deporting illegal aliens who are violent, hardened criminals - members of homicidal street gangs.

The Los Angeles Times saw fit to allot some of its precious op-ed space today to this column by Ricardo Pollack [pictured here] who, we are told, is a "documentary director and producer. His film, '18 with a Bullet,' airs tonight on KCET as part of PBS' 'Wide Angle' series." PBS, eh? Your tax dollars at work!

Pollack argues that gang violence in San Salvador, El Salvador has burgeoned due to the US policy of deporting gang members from Los Angeles who are illegal aliens. Pollack tells the story of 'Duke', "who was deported from the U.S. after being convicted of a criminal offense — in his case, robbery. Although he had lived most of his life in Los Angeles, he was never a citizen. As soon as he got into trouble with the law, he was deported to the country where he was born but that he hardly knew."

Never a citizen? Is Pollack implying Duke had a green card but never got around to taking the oath? Come on, Ricardo - Duke was an illegal. He was deported "as soon as he got into trouble with the law." Really? I'd like to think so, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts the robbery that led to his deportation wasn't Duke's first brush with the law.

Continues Pollack: "Duke helped set up 18th Street in El Salvador, a country awash in weapons from a decades-old civil war but without the means to deal with U.S.-trained gang members." So the USA should keep Duke and his compadres and let them commit mayhem here because we have "the means" to deal with gangs? Are you crazy?

And later: "The problem is far more complex than the authorities claim." It always is for liberals.

And finally: "As long as the U.S. continues to deport hardened criminals to countries that can't deal with them . . . then El Salvador will remain one of the world's most violent places."

Sorry, Ricardo, sorry, El Salvador, but the US officials who deport these violent thugs are sworn to uphold the laws and defend the interests of . . the US.

Finkelstein lives in the liberal haven of Ithaca, NY, where he hosts the award-winning public-access TV show 'Right Angle.' Contact him at mark@gunhill.net