"Downright Studly": Does Katie's Love-letter to Wallace Signal She's on Way to CBS?

March 15th, 2006 7:43 AM
Was this a news report, or a coming attraction for a new series about inter-generational love? Perhaps there's a third explanation: a not-too-subtle kiss blown in the direction of a soon-to-be new employer.

Amidst rampant speculation that Katie Couric might be leaving the Today show to anchor the CBS Evening News, Couric narrated a segment on this morning's Today on the occasion of Mike Wallace's announcement this week that he will be retiring from '60 Minutes'. If you think it's impossible to sustain a gush for five minutes, you obviously weren't watching Katie this morning.

Excerpts from Katie's paen to Wallace:

  • He "seems to succeed at everything except slowing down."
  • "Fearless and willing to ask anything."
  • "How do you stay so vibrant, so active, so alert and continue to work so hard?"
  • His departure "leaves big shoes for 60 Minutes to fill."
  • "His legend will never fade."

Back in the studio, when Matt Lauer observed that "at 88, he is astounding," Katie offered up the ultimate accolade:

"Can I tell you? He's actually downright studly!"

Matt clearly got the 'subliminable' message, replying: "there's the headline right there."

Of course Katie didn't let her love-letter be marred by mention of Wallace's liberal bias, as Tim Graham of MRC and NewsBusters has documented.

So, was this Katie's way of saying 'Adieu NBC; bonjour CBS?'

Finkelstein lives in Ithaca, NY. 'Right Angle', the TV show he hosts, was recently named 'Best of the Best' among public-access shows in his area. Contact him at: mark@gunhill.net