NBC: No Surrender to "What He Called Terrorists"; Matthews: No Casualties? No Criticism

November 19th, 2005 7:00 AM

Reporting from outside the White House on this morning's Today show, Rosalind Jordan was wearing a French-looking beret. It should have been a warning.

Discussing Pres. Bush's speech to US troops in South Korea yesterday, Jordan stated that the Commander-in-Chief told them that the United States would not surrender "to what he called terrorists."

The President spoke on the same day that at least 76 people worshipping in Iraqi mosques were killed by terrorists.

So what would you call them, Rosalind?

Later in the half hour, Chris Matthews uttered perhaps the greatest tautology yet in the debate over the Iraq war:

"People really don't like the casualties. If we didn't have any casualties, we wouldn't have any debate over WMD or how we got in there."

Let's see if we get it, Chris: wars would be much less controversial if there were no casualties. Brilliant!