The Unbearable Littleness of Ellen Ratner

August 20th, 2005 7:36 AM
At the end of "The Tall and Short of It" segment on Fox & Friends Weekend that just concluded, Jim Pinkerton and Ellen Ratner stood up to show just what a yawning height gap there is indeed between them. Pinkerton loomed what seemed to be at least a foot-and-a-half over the diminutive Ratner.

But beyond her small physical stature, it is Ratner's smallness of mind that renders her unbearable. Most of the talk centered on Cindy Sheehan, with Ratner predictably arguing that W should meet with her.

Again and again, Ratner returned to her theme du jour: that, contrary to his pledge, W is "a divider not a uniter."

Ratner wasn't content to let it go even after being given a comprehensive opportunity to make that point. While Pinkerton was trying to respond, Ratner screeched a cacaphonous burst of "he's a divider, he's a divider."

Ratner is is a metaphor for the Democratic party. Nothing to say, only cheap criticism to offer.

The unbearable littleness of Ellen Ratner, indeed.