Joe Scarborough and Company Accuse Republicans of Promoting a 'Rapists’ Bill of Rights'

August 4th, 2022 9:37 AM

Wednesday’s Morning Joe was once again just Joe Scarborough and company reiterating the exact same things they’ve ranted about before. It seems like they know viewers just use this show as background noise while they make their breakfast, scroll through their phones, maybe even complete a newspaper crossword puzzle. This time they used the events that took place the previous night in Kansas to push their infanticide agenda, including claiming Republicans want a “rapist bill of rights.”

For short context, voters last night voted to keep abortion limited to 20 weeks in the state of Kansas, causing Scarborough and friends to rejoice as they falsely suggested it was to protect abortion outright. Because to the lefties, pregnancy means nothing if the unborn human being is unwanted.



Scarborough was so happy, he couldn’t formulate a sentence, “It—it—it was really a night,” he struggled to exclaim. He doesn’t even want to call it “abortion rights,” but “to protect the rights of women to have control over their own bodies instead of state legislators.”

Okay, we don’t have to call it abortion rights, we can just call it protecting the right to end the life of an innocent unborn child, because that’s what abortion is. And in case Joe isn’t aware, that unborn child has a body of his or her own, completely separate from the mother’s.

Using rare and horrific examples, Scarborough then talked about young rape victims and how they’re now forced to carry a pregnancy and accused Texas of wanting “the right to let mothers die on operating tables.”

Awful situations such as rape do not justify killing the innocent, their lives have value too. As for the Texas accusation, if the mother’s life is in danger, doctors are not barred from saving her life. Those unfortunate situations shouldn’t even be considered as abortions because they involve providing real life-saving operations.

“This is the Republican Party of 2022,” he continued to rant, “and you look in Kansas, and the Kansas voters, even people who are pro-life said ‘no, we're not going in that radical, freakish direction.’”

Like all insane lefties, he thinks wanting to protect all life, including the unborn, is “radical” and “freakish.”

That was when co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in with an oh-so frightening warning: “I'll say this just as the woman on the set, watch out,” she alarmed, ‘“because women are not going to stand by idly and say, ‘yeah, you can take away our rights. You can take away our personal rights. You can take away our sister's rights, you can take away our daughter's rights’—forget it, watch out.” 

After that empty threat, Scarborough went as far to say that the Republicans are promoting this idea of “rapist bill of rights for forced child birth on children.”

This example of extreme bias was made possible by Allstate and Xfinity.

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MSNBC’s Morning Joe
August 3, 2022
6:03:18 a.m. Eastern


JOE SCARBOROUGH: It—it—it was really a night. There's a massive headline though coming out of Kansas, a massive headline that is reverberating around Washington this morning in both Democratic and Republican circles. And that, of course, has to do with the Kansas voters' decision to just say no to Republican legislators, deciding the future of—of decisions that are made by their wives, by their daughters, by their loved ones. 

And—and it's astounding. This comes from a state that voted overwhelmingly to protect—you know, it doesn't—I don't—you don't really even say abortion rights, to protect the rights of women to have control over their own bodies instead of state legislators, who have just been extreme and radical across America, whether it's forcing a 10-year-old girl to flee her state after being raped, whether it's Texas Republicans deciding that they want to retain the right to let mothers die on operating tables. 

You—you—you go—I mean, my God, in—in other states, I mean, I saw a debate on a state legislative floor where – they were actually in Idaho talking about the right of rapists' relatives to sue a woman who was raped, to sue a rape victim and get $20,000 per rapist relative. 

This is the crazy stuff that—this is the Republican Party of 2022, Mika. And you look in Kansas, and the Kansas voters, even people who are pro-life said “no, we're not going in that radical, freakish direction.” And, really, quickly, just about Kansas, they haven't voted for a Democratic candidate for president in over 50 years. 


SCARBOROUGH: They haven’t had a United States senator that was not a Republican in over 50 years. So on national issues, they're as conservative as can be. And last night, overwhelmingly, they voted to preserve the right of privacy. The right for women to make medical decisions, the right for women to decide, the right for parents to help their 10-year-old daughters, their 11-year-old daughters who have been raped to make life-changing decisions. 

And there's no doubt that that message from Kansas, Mika, reached Washington, D.C. late last night. 

BRZEZINSKI: And, Willie, just for the midterms, I'll say this just as the woman on the set, watch out. I mean, I'm surprised by Kansas and I'm not surprised, because women are not going to stand by idly and say, “yeah, you can take away our rights. You can take away our personal rights. You can take away our sister's rights, you can take away our daughter's rights”—forget it, watch out. And Kansas is your example this morning. 

6:09:13 a.m.

SCARBOROUGH: And, Willie, I just think – you look at Kansas and I think it's an example a lot of people who identified themselves as pro-life looking at what happened since Roe’s been overturned. Looking at the extremism, looking at the 10 girls—10-year-old girls being chased from the state, looking at the Texas attorney general fighting for the right to let mothers die on an operating table to tear away the protections that the federal government is trying to put in place to protect moms to have a choice on whether they die on an operating table or not. 

You look at all of the extremities and now again in another Republican state legislature trying to give the right to members of a rapist’s family to sue a rape victim for $20,000 unless she has a forced pregnancy. This is a rapist's bill of rights that these Republicans are passing. 

BRZEZINSKI: Oh my God, you’re right.

SCARBOROUGH: A rapist bill of rights for forced child birth on children. This is the Republican Party in 2022. And even in a pro-life state, even in a Republican state that hasn't elected a Democratic president in 50 years, they are repulsed by the radicalism of this new Republican Party. 

GEIST: Yeah. To call it an extreme position is an understatement.