The Guardian Glamorizes New ‘Assault on Wall Street’ Movie as Justice

May 18th, 2013 9:30 AM

Nothing says justice like a violent massacre of Wall Street bankers! At least, that’s what Stuart Heritage, of the UK’s left-wing newspaper “The Guardian” thinks. In his May 14 article titled “Assault on Wall Street trailer: bankers get what’s coming, Uwe Boll style” Heritage justified the rampage before the reader even started on his article.

“The global financial crisis has been responsible for many things, but the redemption of Uwe Boll hasn’t been one of them,” he started his article. This redemption he writes of? A psychopathic Jim Baxford (Dominic Purcell) targeting and brutally executing the top Wall Street bankers in New York.

It should be no surprise that this is how the movie played out. The trailer indicated as much. The final caption of the minute and a half trailer was “Fight for Justice” after depicting one violent act after another.

“Assault on Wall Street” is just the latest attempt by entertainers to keep the Occupy Wall Street movement alive. DC Comics recently launched a new comic series on May 1 inspired by OWS titled “The Movement.” And later this year, in August, Matt Damon has a new movie coming out that takes class warfare to outer space, titled “Elysium.”