Media Company Won’t Run Clinic Ad; Abortion Fans Howl

July 26th, 2013 3:22 PM

It’s hard to make a baby-killing business sound nice; but the ad for “South Wind Women’s Center” in Wichita, Kansas, did its best, painting the abortion clinic as a “healthcare” center instead of a death mill for unborn babies. Apparently, Clear Channel Communications, a mass media company, wasn’t fooled and refused to air an ad for the South Wind. Lefties in the media and abortion industry immediately cried foul.

Kate Dries, writer at the liberal website Jezebel, attacked Clear Channel for trying to “censor” the abortion clinic ads, and also denounced the company’s decision to reject ads for a gay Pride event. Dries copied the text of the two intended abortion clinic ads, one of which insisted that the abortion clinic was “founded to re-establish full access to reproductive healthcare.” (Read: built to make it as easy as possible to kill your baby).

ThinkProgress insisted that if the commercials are labeled “indecent,” then “the source of the indecency is unclear” – because obviously there’s nothing indecent about a business promoting infanticide. Leftie site chimed in, calling out the “conservative-leaning media behemoth” for removing the ad for the abortion clinic, and repeated pro-abortion jargon by claiming the clinic wanted to “ensure women had continued access to comprehensive reproductive health services.”

Huffington Post repeated the liberal opinion that “there was nothing indecent about the ads” because “they did not mention abortion or sex.” Oddly enough, HuffPo did not call out the abortion mill’s deceptiveness for identifying as a “Women’s Center” instead of an abortion clinic.

The clinic wasted no time in lashing out at Clear Channel for dropping the ad, urging abortion “supporters” to tweet the company using the hashtag #changethechannel to pressure Clear Channel into airing the ads.

“Given Clear Channel's record, that seems unlikely,” complained Dries, criticizing the channel for its conservative stance. Well, given Jezebel’s record of cherishing abortion in every way, shape, and form and viciously attacking pro-lifers, their reaction to Clear Channel’s decision was quite predictable.