Surprise: Another Anti-Trump ‘Daily Show’ Comic Will Host This Year’s WH Correspondents Dinner

February 23rd, 2018 10:06 AM

Continuing the Trump-era trend of hiring anti-Trump comedians, the White House Correspondents’ Association announced Thursday that Daily Show comedian Michelle Wolf would headline this year’s annual dinner, on April 28 at the Washington Hilton.

Wolf follows 2017 host Hasan Minhaj, in the association’s apparent preference for liberal comedians who hate the sitting president. While the event is supposed to be a friendly roast between the president and members of the press, it has turned into a left-wing spitball contest attacking everything and everyone on the right, including now our current president.

Of course this was not always the case. When President Obama was in office, the choice hosts were always fangirls for the president, as you can see in our past coverage of the event.

But President Trump is already a regular punching bag from the late-night comics already including Wolf. On Twitter she called Trump the “dumbest president ever:”

She’s also attacked various members of the administration on Twitter:

Besides being a regular correspondent on The Daily Show, Wolf has a new late-night show on Netflix in the works, and recently released a stand-up comedy routine for HBO, called “Nice Lady.” Critics loved the feminist, pro-Hillary special, which claimed that Clinton lost the election because she wasn't "nice." The New York Times' Jason Zinoman praised the special's "silly fart jokes tied to meaty social commentaries," in his review.

WHCA president Margaret Talev touted Wolf’s “feminist edge” and “strong independent journalism” as the reason why she was chosen to host the annual event. Who knew that all it took to be honored with the elite gig, was a penchant for potty humor and a fervent admiration for the president's failed opponent?

Regardless, if Trump attends this year’s event or not, the media is already eager to see more Trump-bashing. In their write-up of the upcoming event, the Post ended with this slam:

But whether in the room or not, Trump won’t be able to dodge the punchlines that will inevitably be lobbed in his direction.