NBC Touts 'Hottest Ticket of the Year' to Watch Star-Filled Tribute to Obama

January 9th, 2017 2:56 PM

As if the media hasn’t fawned over President Obama’s “legacy” enough, NBC did so again Sunday night, promoting an over-the-top farewell video from the White House. In the video, celebrities and activists gush over their “favorite Obama moment” in the past 8 years. The answers ranged from the trite to the controversial from climate change to Michelle’s fashion, from Obamacare to healthy school lunches.

On Jan.8’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Kate Snow shared the video in a glowing report. Apparently the video was first played at a White House party Friday night with a long celebrity guest list.

“[T]here was a lot of star power Friday night for what was no doubt the hottest ticket of the year, everyone from Chris Rock to Jerry Seinfeld to Kelly Rowland all showed up to toast the Obamas and party to the wee hours as part of the festivities,” Snow gushed.

NBC then played clips from the video including a young girl calling Obama her “idol,” Michelle Obama shopping in CVS with Ellen Degeneres, and singer John Legend saying he cried when Obama was elected. After the video was done, anchor Kate Snow comes back on camera again with a huge grin on her face.