'Obviously' Clinton Wouldn't Be Charged; Right is Just 'Bitter,' Claim Journalists on Twitter

July 5th, 2016 3:06 PM

This morning FBI director James Comey recommended to the Department of Justice that no criminal charges be made against Hillary Clinton after concluding their investigation into her private email server. This news evoked strong opinions on either side of the political aisle and some journalists didn’t even pretend to be anything but biased, evidenced by their reaction on Twitter.

After the hearing, Paul Krugman, columnist for the elitist The New York Times had his own snotty tweet ready, because,“obviously.”

While CNN analyst Van Jones snappily replied that even this investigation couldn’t stop Clinton from becoming President.

Dave Weigel, political reporter for the Washington Post mocked the GOP and downplayed the Clinton scandals over the years as “mistakes:"

Amanda Marcotte, politics writer for Salon, claimed Republicans were “still bitter about Watergate” and echoed Weigel in the sentiment that this was a “non-scandal.”

Jill Filipovic, feminist writer for The Guardian, continued in Marcotte’s mockery of the right.

And Jamil Smith of MTV News dismissed the whole scandal in one crass tweet:

The media’s readiness to quickly dismiss yet another Clinton scandal proves that their attitude towards Clinton hasn’t changed since the days where she characterized her critics as part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”