Vox Praises San Jose Violence: ‘Start a Riot’ ‘If Trump Comes To Your Town’

June 3rd, 2016 11:52 AM

UPDATE: Vox's Ezra Klein has announced that Emmett Rensin has been suspended for “violating Vox’s standards” and “condoning writing that could put others in danger.”

Vox editor Emmett Rensin started a firestorm on Twitter last night after he actually advocated the violent situation in San Jose should be a model for other cities to follow. Rensin continued justifying the riots in subsequent tweets while Rensin’s coworker Matthew Yglesias added to the insanity by bringing up Hitler. Other liberal media jumped in to do their part in justifying the violence.

Rensin began by tweeting this advice:

Rensin denied that he was advocating “violence” tweeting “property destruction is not violence.”

Many conservatives had fun with this tweet like this one from IowaHawkBlog:

Rensin then compared Trump to Hitler, because, of course:

Which his Vox co-worker Matthew Yglesias had to defend:

Think Progress did their part in defending the riots, putting the blame on Trump as well:

But Vox wasn’t the only one justifying the violent riots. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin and Bob Beckel yawned over the violence, claiming it was just “one person” that got hurt (not true) and that Trump was to blame.