HuffPo: Obama Inaugural Ignored Rights of Transgendered Preteens

January 24th, 2013 2:08 PM

Well, this will teach President Obama’s speech writers to double check their pander list. It seems his special shout-out to gays in his inaugural speech – though widely praised by the Left as a “historic” moment – just wasn’t enough. Not for the Huffington Post and the parents of 11-year-old ‘Sadie,’ who is “transgender” (a boy pretending to be a girl). Obama needed to call out for transgender rights as well. 

HuffPo’s “Gay Voices” page reported that Sadie corrected the oversight, writing a second speech. Sadie’s mother put it on Face Book, it hit Twitter and, according the “Gay Voices” Editor Noah Michelson “It’s totally gone viral.” 

“It’s this beautiful essay about, basically, how hard it is to be transgender in this country,” Michelson told Huff Post Live. In it, Sadie explained how difficult it is for transgendered kids and adults to “go to the doctor, go to school, a job.” Apparently, this is something for the President to rectify, rather than the mother who’s inflicted the condition on her child.

According to Michelson, Sadie “has been transgender since she was five”. Michelson finds it “hugely inspiring” that Sadie bravely “came out” as a transgendered person before the media at just 11. 

Unfortunately there is a disturbing trend of parents encouraging gender confusion in children as young as three or four, liberal educators and activists working to normalize it, and plenty in the media happy to enable them.

As for Sadie, he’ll have to wait for the next liberal president for an inauguration shout-out. But sadly, it will happen.