Democratic Underground Cannot Allow a Conservative Icon to Rest in Peace, Again

December 21st, 2008 8:11 PM

The idea of “Rest In Peace” is something that will never be extended to a conservative on a liberal web forum like The day it was announced Paul Weyrich had passed away, the vitriol was let loose on DU.  This is not the first time this site has pulled this kind of nonsense.  William F. Buckley received his share of cheap shots from DU after his passing.

 While a poster tries to remind the DU mob that “pi*sing on the guy’s grave is unseemly. Remember Paul Wellstone,” The pleading poster is promptly shut down with the reply, “Not if the only thing he did right was to die.”

Other than a few gracious token statements, the rest of the thread is chock full of hate. These DU posters said the following about Weyrich's passing:

WinkyDink: There IS a God.

UpInArms: I'm putting on my dancing shoes. Weyrich's prolly sitting next to RayGun by the fire right now

gratuitous: Weyrich is what passes for a patriot in some circles. Hard to square the notion of patriotism with someone whose career and fortune was dedicated to subverting the bedrock principles of the United States.

AlbertCat: The Heritage Foundation!!!! Now THERE"S a legacy to be oh so proud of! The Foundation's flunkies did a bang-up job running Iraq! And its alum are just the cream of the crop, aren't they?

spiritual_gunfighter: Hooray! Maybe this will start a trend of scumbag right wingers dropping dead.

These posts are not even the worst of the crop.  For a group of individuals who scare others about Christian conservatives, they seem to take lots of joy imagining Christian conservatives rotting in Hell plenty. Unfortunately, crapping on recently deceased conservatives has become par for the course for liberal websites, and the media refuses to call them out on it, because they are more than likely too busy looking for “hate” on conservative forums.