WaPo Hypes Planned Parenthood As Rural Health Care Provider

April 19th, 2011 12:12 PM

Last week I noted how the Washington Post hyped Planned Parenthood as a provider of community health services in the District of Columbia although there were plenty of other full-service free or low-cost health clinics in the District run by other non-profit groups.

Today the Post is at it again, presenting Planned Parenthood as a crucial provider of health services in rural states like Montana.

But yet again, a quick Internet search shows Planned Parenthood isn't the only game in Big Sky Country when it comes to health clinics for the poor.

Planned Parenthood has only 12 centers in the Treasure State, seven of which only offer "birth control services" and "emergency contraception." Of the five others, most are located in larger cities: two in Billings, one in Great Falls, on in Missoula, and one in the state capital of Helena.

By contrast, the Montana Primary Care Association has community clinics in those cities as well as Libby, Kalispell, Cut Bank, Havre, Chinook, Lewistown, Miles City, Ashland, Butte, and Livingston. MPCA also runs 11 "satellite" centers in small towns like Eureka (population 998) and West Yellowstone. (population 1,502).

What's more, these clinics typically offer a wide range of medical services regardless of ability to pay. Here, for example, is the list of services for the clinic in Libby, population 2,880:

Comprehensive/Primary Medical Care

Includes :

* Physical Exams
o Sports Physicals
o Workmen's Compensation Exams
o DOT Commercial Driving License Physicals
* Acute Care for Illnesses
* Women's Health
o Routine Annual Exams
o Colonoscopy
* Obstetrics
o Prenatal Care
o Delivery Services
* Family Planning
o Title X
o Contraceptive Management
* Walk-In STD Screening and Counseling
* Immunizations
* Well Child Care
* Dermatology Exams
o mole, skin tag and wart removal
* Laboratory and Imaging

Chronic Disease Management

Includes :

* Diabetes Screening & Care
* High Blood Pressure Screening & Care
* Heart Disease Care Screening & Care
* Depression Screening & Care


Includes :

* Cardiac Stress Treadmill Testing
* Vasectomies· Lesion Removal
* Laceration Repair
* Casting and Splinting
* Joint Injections Other long-term illness care

Case Management Services

Includes :

* Case Management
o Long-term care and referrals

Pharmacy Services

Includes :

* Contract Pharmacy
* Diabetic Testing Supply Program
* Onsite Contraceptive Dispensing
* Pharmacy Assistance Program
o discounts on medications

Dental Services

Includes :

* Preventative Hygiene Services
* Comprehensive Oral Exams
* Cancer Screening
* Extractions
* Fillings
* Sealants
* Crown Placement
* School Screening
* Head Start Screening
* Fluoride Rinse Program