Forget '24,' the Media's Favorite Action Drama is Pelosi's '100'

January 4th, 2007 1:04 PM

And my colleague Julia Seymour has the proof right here.

As the new majority of Democrats takes over the House of Representatives January 4, they have big plans – plans the media have supported.

Journalists have called arguments against a minimum wage hike “a lot of bull” and even came out in blatant endorsement of socialized medicine.

"The only answer is going to be, eventually, some kind of national, universal coverage. A guaranteed system that everybody regardless of income will have at least basic health care," said ABC medical correspondent Dr. Timothy Johnson on the Oct. 16, 2006, "Good Morning America."

In the “first 100 hours” of their reign, according to the House Democrats Web site, Democrats say they will (among other things):
  • Increase the federal minimum wage
  • “Make health care more affordable for all Americans”
  • Reinstate pay-as-you-go legislation and commit to no new deficit spending

Raising the minimum wage has received widespread support from the news media including CNN, PBS, ABC, USA Today and The Washington Post.The Democrats have also said as part of their health care plan they intend to “fix” Medicare with more government involvement in the market. The media are unlikely to find fault with such a plan, as they frequently support even more extensive government fixes. CNN’s Lou Dobbs and ABC’s Johnson have both expressed support for government-run universal health care.