CNN Alum to Anchor "Gay Issue" News Show with Aid of CBS News

August 18th, 2005 3:27 PM
I came across this otherwise obscure item via a Google search that I have which updates me on CBS News developments. Ex-CNNer Jason Bellini is joining a "gay and lesbian issues" news program on the Logo network, a network launched in late June 2005 by CBS parent company Viacom geared to gays and lesbians.

Former CNN correspondent Jason Bellini will anchor a new gay issue news program in Viacom’s Logo cable network. The show will focus on regular news updates on topics related to gay and lesbian issues, and is a co-production with sister organization CBS News.

The reports will consist of three-to-five-minute news segments airing across Logo's schedule. Bellini will be based in New York. Court Passant of CBS News will oversee the CBS News On Logo unit.
"Jason is an experienced journalist who will use his reporting skills and range of knowledge to relay the news stories of interest to our audience," said Eileen Opatut, Senior Vice President, Original Programming, Logo.

If you think the news content will be anything but biased when it comes to covering same-sex marriage, gay adoption, and various other social issues, I have oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona.