Moderate Muslims are Uncle Toms?

July 11th, 2005 2:20 PM
Although CNN's Aaron Brown on Friday said the following in the context of a relatively balanced interview with Orange County, California mosque leader Imam Mostafa al-Qazwini, the following betrays why the liberal media just don't get conservative criticism of moderate Muslims for failure to do more to call for an end to the radical Islamic terrorism which gave the world 9/11, Spain's 3/11 attacks, and now the 7/7 London bombings:
Aaron Brown: "All right, we think we've fixed all the audio problems with the Imam Mostafa Al-Qazwini out in Orange County, California. You had made the point that, yes, important clerics had condemned, perhaps not as loudly as they might, but had condemned, and that quite correctly, that Muslims suffer in many ways twice from these sorts of attacks. I wondered, you know, there's a term in American race relations, Uncle Tom, when black Americans are seen as too comfortable with the white establishment. Is there something parallel in Islamic life, if you are seen as siding too much with the American government, or you are speaking too loudly against the radicals?"