Whoopi Goldberg: 'I Read [The Constitution],' But Not the 13th Amendment

November 3rd, 2008 2:13 PM

Whoopi Goldberg wants to settle it once and for all: She read the Constitution! Though she apparently still has not read as far as the 13th Amendment. On the November 3 edition of "The View," in discussing a recent Howard Kurtz item noting the tough tone of John McCain’s recent interview, Whoopi once again alluded to her notorious "slavery" sandbag of Senator McCain.

Whoopi took issue with some letters she has received urging her to actually read the Constitution and accused everyone else of not reading "the damn Constitution." Whoopi then seemingly confused the Constitution and the Declaration of Indepdence. She then attacked McCain’s strict constructionist interpretation concluding that an originist judge would return to slavery. Claiming "I read [the Constitution], I know what I was asking," Whoopi apparently missed that the 13th Amendment clearly forbids slavery and any originist judge would know that.

Whoopi Goldberg’s entire remark follows.

"Just to keep the record straight, you know, I hate when people do this when they write something and then they don’t do the investigation. You know, I asked John McCain, half in jest, I’d be concerned when we’re talking about the Constitutional issues. Remember? And I said should I be concerned about slavery? And he said 'what do you mean?' And I told him and he said, you know, 'that’s a good point.' Apparently, no one else has read the damn Constitution. It’s so crazy a lot of the states did not want to sign the Declaration of Independence unless they were able to keep their slaves. That’s what I was saying and when John McCain was saying, 'you know, I want to keep the Constitution pretty strict,' I said to him should I be worried about being a slave? Please, no more letters telling me to read the Constitution. I read it. I know what I was asking. I say you, even you Howard, go look at what I said."