'View' Panel Unanimous: Palin Noose an Outrage

October 28th, 2008 2:00 PM

Unlike the network morning news shows, the Sarah Palin hanging in effigy was covered by, surprisingly, "The View." On the October 28 edition, the panel, as they should be, was unanimous in condemning inflammatory Halloween decoration. The best remark came from, yet another surprise, Joy Behar. Hinting at media double standards Behar cried "if they had done it to Obama, it would cause a tremendous hoopla."

Behar, who normally attempts to play the equivocation game, offered no such attempt on this subject adding "as much as I disagree with her politics, it’s outrageous. It’s stupid." The others chimed in as well as Whoopi Goldberg asserted "you just don’t do that." Sherri Shepherd raised concerns about Sarah Palin’s children. Elisabeth Hasselbeck declared "it’s not even worth hearing what [the house owner] has to say."

The entire transcript follows.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Well, let’s talk about something that is not so nice and something that is really annoying. A gentleman in West Hollywood decorated his house for Halloween with an effigy of Sarah Palin hanging from a noose.


JOY BEHAR: See, it’s horrifying.

GOLDBERG: Now, what the hell?

SHERRI SHEPHERD: I’ve seen that house before.

GOLDBERG: This is- we’ve talked about nooses before. We’ve talked about just- you don’t do that. I realized, you know, somebody said downstairs, "well you do it cause, you know, you have all of the Halloween things and you always have goblins and ghouls." But you- this is a person. This is a real person.

SHEPHERD: When you put that, that woman in a noose, you know exactly what you’re trying to convey.


BEHAR: Well, I think that, if they had been- if they had done it to Obama, it would have caused a tremendous hoopla. And it should not be done-

GOLDBERG: Well, I hope it causes a hoopla.

BEHAR: As much as I disagree with her politics, this is outrageous. It’s stupid.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: This is sort of scare tactics right now.

BEHAR: It’s not funny.

SHEPHERD: And she has children. This is awful.

BEHAR: It’s not even in the spirit of Halloween really, because Halloween is supposed to be fun. And this isn’t.

GOLDBERG: No, it’s not fun. It’s not attractive. And it’s not clever.

BEHAR: No, it’s not.

HASSELBECK: So pooh-pooh on your cruel idea. [applause] Pooh-pooh on you.

SHEPHERD: We all agree.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, yeah we had a whole discussion on nooses. We talked about nooses for almost a good year, and you think, come on, you think somebody would know that.

HASSELBECK: Have they had a comment on that ridiculous person? It’s not even worth hearing what they have to say.

GOLDBERG: No it’s not.