Houston Chronicle: Global Warming to Result in More Kidney Stones

July 15th, 2008 3:50 PM

The global warming alarmism in the mainstream media never ceases to stop as "The Houston Chronicle" went so far to warn of a spike in kidney stone cases. Yes, driving an SUV can now cause pain in the back as well as the pump.

In a July 14 article, "Got kidney stones? Blame global warming study says," reporter Eric Berger warned "the prevalence of kidney stones may rise by 30 percent." The line of reasoning behind the study is that as temperatures warm, people sweat more without adequate fluids to replace and thus create more kidney stone cases.

Surprisingly, the article did contain some balance noting "some global warming skeptics"- (they didn’t even use the pejorative term "deniers.") -"also note that the U.S. Southeast has actually cooled during the last century" and even quoted skeptic Rob Bradley of the Institute for Energy Research.

Berger then immediately refuted Mr. Bradley and warned of an "increase in tropical diseases such as malaria."

So global warming "deniers" beware, you will not only have blood on your hands, but in your toilets.