Rosie Not on 'The View' Tomorrow?

May 23rd, 2007 5:20 PM

Editor's Note (Ken Shepherd): The 9/11 conspiracy nuts behind "Loose Change" are supposed to be guests on the May 24 "The View." It's odd that Rosie wouldn't be on to share her thoughts about fire being unable to melt steel.

After Rosie O'Donnell's now infamous fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the May 23 edition of "The View," Rosie hinted on her blog that she may not co-host the show tomorrow. The homepage of starts with a rambling poem ending with, "tomorrow [Rosie's partner] Kelli turns 40. I will not be at work."

The question and answer page contains a few anti-Elisabeth commentors that Rosie either does not respond to or implicitly endorses. Rosie filters her questions and selects which ones she wants to put up. A few select ones are below. Note that the commenters and Rosie use text/instant message style formats.

Frank:I have learned to appreciate EH because of your friendly interaction with her. However, her refusal to support you over FOX’s characterization of you, changed my mind about her.

Rosie: [No response]

Amy: It seems some can’t see the real EH. And for her to not answer yes or no?! It’s clear who your friends are.

Rosie: [No response]

Leticia: EH is your frnd cause she is good pure & sweet, she “let” u clear the air insead of sticking up for her frnd who she should know did not mean that the troops are terriorst! Right? That maks sense!

Rosie: maybe she doest know thats even worse

Donna: Ro- my heart hurts for you right now. EH not much of a friend. Glad you have true friends & know the difference. Today she was mean spirited & that is saying something about her. Glad 4 U 2 B out

Rosie: i am glad 2 b out 2

Angela: What is wrong with EH. I was yelling at my TV today, she cant be serious. I agree with you 100%. answer the question - yes or no! Not that hard. Keep on rocking, peace - a true fan

Rosie: not hard at all

Sharon476: elizabeth’s POV is ALWAYS on the airways, 24 hr a day. yours isn’t. we need to see/hear you. please stay on broadcast tv/andor/cable. btw, EH’s claim to fame? is? what? right wing tool?

Rosie: [No response]

Amanda: Hi Rosie, I dont understand EH at all now. I know I wont be watching the View after you are gone. And for EH to bring up D.Trump on the show today, what was she thinking?. I dont enjoy her at all now

Rosie: i do not know

Marie: If you re-watched a prior show Eliz said in res. to ur question..”Do you are troops are terrorists” SHE planted that in the media. And won’t admit it. I hope you get a new show. I can’t watch View.

Rosie: [No response]