CNN Promotes Unhinged Philly Dem Threatening to Put Trump Supporters in 'Jail'

October 30th, 2020 8:47 PM

It has become a common narrative for CNN to wildly claim, without evidence, that President Trump is trying to steal this election. On Friday’s New Day, co-host Alisyn Camerota eagerly brought on Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner to promote the same unhinged talking point and even threaten to imprison the President’s supporters.

Camerota highlighted: “The D.A. writes, 'Keep your Proud Boys, goon squads and uncertified poll watchers out of our city, Mr. President. Break the law here and I’ve got something for you.'”

Happy to egg on her partisan bomb-throwing guest, Camerota wondered: "What does that mean, ‘I've got something for you’?" Right on cue, Krasner launched into an anti-Trump tirade: “That means I've got a jail cell and I've got criminal charges and you can stand in front of a Philadelphia jury, which, by the way, is a diverse jury, and you can explain why you thought it was okay to come to Philly and steal our votes.” 

Krasner, who is a member of the Democratic Party, has made numerous appearances on news shows, as evidenced by a tweet he personally shared.



The only time Camerota pressed for answers was to ask if there have been signs of "voter intimidation." Krasner replied negatively: “Not really, you know, that's some of the really important and good news.…And of the 24 complaints we've gotten so far on our hotline, none have been serious.” So he's making threatening statements and being given television air time to wail about something that isn't even happening.



The threatens continued though with Krasner taking a liberal view of the 2nd amendment: “We've never really had to be concerned that a bunch of knuckleheads were going to show up at the polls with guns. If they do it this time, they're going to have a problem. Because the fact is, the second amendment does not protect people who claim to be a militia and have not been summoned by the Governor.”

There is no evidence that Trump or his supporters plan to come and steal the votes or intimidate the voters. This has not stopped the leftist-aligned network from running with hysterical claims that he is out to steal the election. Once again, CNN is too concerned with the narrative to be bothered with something simple like facts.

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A transcript of the October 30th Coverage is included below:

CNN's New Day
7:29 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Developing overnight, a voting obstacle in western Pennsylvania. Thousands of voters outside of Pittsburgh said their requested mail-in ballots never arrived and Philadelphia's District Attorney has harsh words for the tactics he says the Trump team has already arrived. The D.A. writes keep your proud boys, goon squads and uncertified poll watchers out of our city, Mr. President. Break the law here and I’ve got something for you. Joining us now is Larry Krasner. Mr. Krasner, great to have you. What does that mean, I've got something for you? 

LARRY KRASNER [Philadelphia District Attorney]: That means I've got a jail cell and I've got criminal charges and you can stand in front of a Philadelphia jury, which, by the way, is a diverse jury, and you can explain why you thought it was okay to come to Philly and steal our votes. This is the birthplace of democracy. We are not doing this. Wannabe fascists stay home. And if your idea of how to have a democratic election is to steal it, then I got something for you.

CAMEROTA: Are you seeing signs of voter intimidation already? 

KRASNER: Not really, you know, that's some of the really important and good news. What we are seeing is long lines that are moving very efficiently, with early voting. I actually voted early and when I did, it took me only 21 minutes to go through a line of 300 people to place my ballot. We're seeing huge turnouts, so far, it's going very well. We run an election task force to protect the vote. And of the 24 complaints we've gotten so far on our hotline, none have been serious. But we understand what's in the air and we are going to be vigilant on election day with our criminal justice partners, including the FBI and the local police. 

CAMEROTA: So you are dispatching detectives or prosecutors to try to make sure that there's no voter intimidation? 

KRASNER: We are dispatching both. And the Philadelphia police department has a very good plan for election day. We have a bigger bunch than ever. They are extremely well trained and we're looking for new things. We've never really had to be concerned that a bunch of knuckleheads were going to show up at the polls with guns. If they do it this time, they're going to have a problem. Because the fact is, the second amendment does not protect people who claim to be a militia and have not been summoned by the Governor. Militia is not something you get to be by saying it. It's something you get to be when governmental authority summons you. If you want to dress up line GI Joe and claim you are protecting the polls when we all know what you're really doing is intimidating voters, you're getting locked up. That is how it’s going to go. Do I think it is going to happen, no. I think the truth is, the President is a lot of talk, these guys with the little skinny gray beards are a lot of talk. When the proud boys tried to do a March in Philly, they had to import people from Indiana. They couldn't do enough to do a small March in Philly. So I think this is a lot of talk. We're going to be very vigilant and expect to have a very, very successful voting day. 

CAMEROTA: Just to be clear, any reports that we've seen of the Trump campaign dispatching their own officials to be poll watchers, you've not seen that in any large numbers? 

KRASNER: Not large numbers. We know that there was an effort to do that earlier. I don't know if they just don't know the law or they're deliberately trying to be provocative, but the law is very clear, you have to be certified. You have to meet certain certifications like living in the county, be certified, have a certificate, and you have to show it. You can't just show up and say, I'm a poll watcher anymore you can show up with a gun and say, I'm a militia. That's not how this works. And if people want to violate the law, there are consequences.