SCARY Scarborough: Trump Voters Are 'Sticking Their Hand in a Blender'

October 29th, 2020 3:55 PM

Scary Joe ScarboroughIn an era when professional comedy and news-reporting are nearly synonymous, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough decided to try his hand at humor. However, on Thursday's Morning Joe, the host utterly failed in that attempt as he gruesomely compared supporting President Trump to becoming horribly injured by a kitchen appliance. 

Showing contempt for Americans who are concerned about the coronavirus and yet haven’t decided to vote for Joe Biden, Scarborough viciously lashed out:

I know that there are people that go on Facebook an awful lot and get confused very easily. They think they're turning on their kitchen light and they're sticking their hand in a blender. They think that they're feeding their cat, when in fact they're sticking their head in a pool.

How can Americans be confused enough to vote for Trump? They must believe that coronavirus restrictions are derived from crackpot conspiracies:

I understand up is down and down is up but let me just explain to you these guidelines that Donald Trump is violating. They were not put together by a group of like drug-crazed hippies in a Berkeley garage, right? They were not put together by the trilateral commission with Bill Gates wearing a thorny crown made of the blood of -- of infant children from each continent.



Scarborough then decided to scare Americans into caring about CDC guidelines, because they apparently don’t already:

It's not Tom Hanks putting the guidelines together, it's not Bill Gates, it's Donald Trump. These are at the end Donald Trump's own guidelines. That he's violating. Why? Why? Because he doesn't care whether you live or die. He just doesn't. You know that's true. You know he doesn't care if you die or not. He just wants to pick up a couple of votes and if you or people that you love die, well, he just doesn't care because after all, these are his own guidelines that he's breaking.

At least Scarborough ended the cautionary tale on a positive note, catapulting viewers back into reality so that they can make the right choices: “By the way, by the way, hey, look down, yeah, look down at your hand right now. Okay. It's inside a blender, don't press start. Pull that out. The light switch is to your right.”

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Read the transcript below:

Morning Joe


6:14:50 AM

WILLIE GEIST: And Mika, to Jonathan's point, if you look inside some of the polling that Washington Post/ABC News poll showed in the state of Wisconsin, about 70% of voters in that state are worried that either they or someone they know will get coronavirus. So they're very concerned about that, so while what the president is saying mocking masks and telling governors to open up their states, might feel good to him at those rallies and that crowd because he gets the cheers, it's not where the voters are. It's just not where they are. Coronavirus is being taken very seriously by this country if not by its president. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know that 70% number’s an interesting number. That’s about the same number of Americans who believed that the United States would be attacked again by Al Qaeda after 9/11. So if you want to put into perspective how widespread that fear is, 7 out of 10 Americans fearing that either they or their family members are going to be impacted by the coronavirus in a negative way, that's really serious. And Mika, I- I know that there are people that go on Facebook an awful lot and get confused very easily. They think they're turning on their kitchen light and they're sticking their hand in a blender. They think that they're feeding their cat, when in fact they're sticking their head in a pool. I understand up is down and down is up but let me just explain to you these guidelines that Donald Trump is violating. They were not put together by a group of like, drug-crazed hippies in a Berkeley garage, right? They were not put together by the trilateral commission with Bill Gates wearing a thorny crown made of the blood of- of infant children from each continent. No, they were put together by Donald Trump's White House. So when you hear us saying that Donald Trump is violating CDC guidelines, when you hear us saying that Donald Trump's rallies every day are in gross violation of Washington, D.C. guidelines, it's -- it's not Tom Hanks. It's not Tom Hanks putting the guidelines together, it's not Bill Gates, it's Donald Trump. These are at the end Donald Trump's own guidelines. That he's violating. Why? Why? Because he doesn't care whether you live or die. He just doesn't. You know that's true. You know he doesn't care if you die or not. He just wants to pick up a couple of votes and if you or people that you love die, well, he just doesn't care because after all, these are his own guidelines that he's breaking. It’s pretty simple. By the way, by the way, hey, look down, yeah, look down at your hand right now. Okay. It's inside a blender, don't press start. Pull that out. The light switch is to your right.